Perfect 7 tips to Save Money While Shopping Online in India

This is an era of technology everything has become smart. Amazon eCommerce festivals are the biggest online shopping festivals in India. Trend of online shopping is increasing nationwide. Now, people prefer to sit in the home and buy everything online instead of roaming around the markets to find out stuff of their requirement.

A very convincing fact of getting online shopping a great hype is “discount offers” buyers can enjoy plenty of discount offers with a wide variety of stuff. To be an expert online shopping animal it’s a great idea to have a thorough knowledge of online shopping tricks in India. In this article I have highlighted perfect 7 tips to save money while shopping online in India.

List of Shopping Tips to Save Money:

This is outbreak of all the things that you can consider to save money while online shopping in India. These tips are greatly going to help you to save money with great deals.

  • Discount Offers
  • Free delivery services
  • Buy 1 get 1 free offers
  • Wait for festivals
  • Gift cards
  • Try to get discount coupons
  • Use cash or credit cards for payment.
  • Seek benefits from sales

Discount offers:

Discount offers are the best way to save money. Every online shopping store has a website keep visiting that site or hit the bell button to stay up to date about discount packages. There are several cash back offers that can be of great help to save money.

Various brands offer up to more than 50% discount. You can save a lot of money by keeping an eye on discount and cash back offer. In this way, you can buy your favorite product without burdening your pocketbook.

Free Delivery Services:

Honestly speaking, it’s just a kind of heck when you buy a product spending a lot of money and have to pay on delivery as well. This is just a kind of extra burden to your budget.  Do not worry at all, because you your can save your money selecting an alternate shopping store that does not charge for delivering the product.

You do not need to search a lot for it just search on Google about the online shopping stores offering a free home delivery. You will get the same product in the same price but yes, without any sort of delivery charges. Sounds cool?

Buy 1 get 1 free:

Being Indian, we have a common quality that is to celebrate whenever we get something free. Especially, buy 1 get 1 free Pizza offers are our favorite. You can get this happiness while online shopping as well. Many companies offer, buy 1 get 1 packages at various occasions like company’s anniversary, festive sales and a lot more.

Many restaurants, cloth and shoes brands usually offers buy 1 get 1 offers various times in a year. So, it’s a great deal to buy two things in the price of one and if you get same things then you can gift it your friend how’s that?

Wait for Festivals:

Here comes one of the best money saving tips. Ecommerce shopping festival and Amazon shopping festival are the biggest shopping festivals of online shopping in India. In these festivals, every brand offer more than 70 percent discount.

This is the perfect time to shop online. You can go out of budget, in a way that does not affect your budget. Buy most expensive products with exclusive discount offers on these festive events. Along with this, brands also offer special discount packages at events like holi, divali, Christmas and a lot more.

Gift Cards:

Many known E-commerce companies offer gift cards up to a specific amount of purchase. For most of the companies this limit is Rs. 25,000 Smartphone purchase or any other product having the same value.

With these gift cards you can buy other products from the same store without wasting any money. Gift cards contain a specific money range, within that range you can buy anything of your choice.

Use cash or credit cards for payment:

Various online retailers like PayTM, Mobikwik offer specific discount offers for various credit card and wallet paying options. They also offers 100% cash back offers. You can avail these offers save a huge amount of money.

I have analyzed views of many users you seem to be quite satisfied with cash and credit card payment methods. Let me share reviews of some customers here.

One user said “I use ICICI pockets credit card which is integrated with cashkaro. That’s why I can easily get some cash back.”

So, it’s a great deal to keep company’s or bank’s credit cards to avail these sorts of discount packages.  Similarly, you can get discount coupons for E-commerce websites. Just type ecommerce+ discount coupon and you will be informed about every discount coupon detail thoroughly.

Seek Advantage from Sales:

To save your money you can adopt several kinds of strategies for instance, if a brand is too expensive for you. You can buy its products in off season and use them in next season. A very common example of this strategy is, many known brands offer a summer sale at the onset of autumn. In this sale they try to sale very cloth at a reasonable cost.

So, these sales enable customers to buy their favorite clothes in their budget range. it’s better to wait for the optimum time instead of wasting your whole savings on buying a dress. What do you think?


With the emerging technology, online shopping has become a priority of new generation. No doubt, online shopping has facilitate and customers to check a spectacular range of variety and to choose the best of it at a best price.

There are numerous changes required in online shopping tactics to make it more effective. That’s why this process is evolving rapidly and leaving its mark on every region of the world including India. Be sensible, spend wisely, and wait for the optimum time to shop.

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