Why people celebrate the Independence Day on 15th August?

15th August has historical significance for us

it is celebrated as an annual function in India. On this day, national day holiday is held just to celebrate this event with passion and enthusiasm. It is a day to celebrate our freedom and to remember the sacrifices of our people, which they gave to this land. On this special day, president addresses to the nation and points all the achievements of last year, also mentions the areas where they need to work for the developer.

With the speech of president some important issues, recalls the struggle of the leaders and pays tribute to them are included.  Prime Minister of India hoists the flag in the Red Fort, as it is famous for historical place. Twenty-one guns are fired together in the honor of this occasional day. Hoisting and cultural programs are arranged on government and non-government institutions to recall the importance of this day.

Why is Independence Day celebrated in India?

We celebrate Independence Day because this day is very important for us. We got freedom on that day 15th August 1947. On that day we became an independent state free from the other forces. We got liberty and became a free country where we have no one to rule us or dictate us. We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August as a National holiday. There are certain reasons which unveil the idea why do we celebrate Independence Day?

  • End of the slavery and the end of the British colonial control of us. We got freedom from other forces which snatched our freedom from us
  • We celebrate this day because on that day we got the liberty to be called the master of our land not slaves
  • In this day we got the freedom from the foreign invasion
  • This day broke our identity crises know we are known as a citizen of an independent nation
  • Before independence, our ancestors were devoid of their basic rights. They had no freedom of thought and living. They were ruled by the foreign forces
  • We celebrate this day because now we are the part of an independent land where we can do what we want
  • We celebrate this day because with that day we got freedom of living and freedom of thought
  • Now we have our rights as a human being we are given respect and honorable way of living
  • We can do anything for ourselves and for our country we are now free from restrictions and foreign empowerment
  • Freedom is a blessing and slavery is a curse which blocks all the productive thoughts and ways. That is why freedom is a blessing because it makes you positive and productive

All these are the reasons mentioned above why we celebrate Independence Day. We celebrate this day to recall the significant importance of this day. We celebrate this day because we get freedom from all the foreign powers we are the masters of our land now. Being the masters of the land our ancestors were treated like slaves.

How do we celebrate this day?

We celebrate this day 15th August a day of significant importance with real zest and enthusiasm.  Even you can see the passion and enthusiasm on the faces of the kids who even don’t know such as the importance of this day.  Everyone is filled with the patriot zest. People on that day dressed up according to the colors of the flag to show their patriotism.

People celebrate through conduct different hoisting and cultural programs to recall the importance of this day. Young people and kids take part in these cultural programs with the patriot zest. They want to perform something on the stage on that day to show their love for their country.  People have different ways to celebrate this day some of them visit each other’s home and exchange gifts. And some of them visit national monuments and the places with having national significance to celebrate this day. People have different ways to celebrate this day they decorate their houses, cars and, street. On that day people, although use different ways to recall the importance of this day, but in the praise of their ancestors, leaders, pioneers, and, the individuals who sacrificed their lives to get the freedom for this land they have one soul.

What different ways we adapt to show our patriotism?

We all adapt different ways to show our love for our country 15th August an occasional day which give us this privilege.  The country gives us our identity and the honorable way of living and it is the only day where we can pay back something to this country. There are certain ways adopted by our people to exhibit their patriot zest. Let’s figure it out what are these ways?

  • People decorate their houses with the national flags and the buntings. Most of the house on 15thy august is covered with the buntings and lighting
  • They start their day with the national anthem to uplift their patriot soul throughout the day
  • They wear clothes according to the colors on the flags on that day you will see everyone is dressed up according to the flag to exhibit their love for their country
  • People usually celebrate different cultural program with huge gatherings to show their nationalistic approach
  • People also use social media as a productive way to show the love for their country with the unique and innovative posts and videos. As social gives you the freedom of expression they use it to their loyalty to their country
  • People also re-enact the patriotic dramas and movies. To give people an insight of the hardships, sacrifices and, the cruelty that our ancestors had faced to gain the freedom
  • They also write articles and essay on the importance of that day. And also tell their kids about our national heroes who worked to gain the freedom

All these are the ways adopted by our Indian peoples to lighten the importance of the occasional day 15th August.

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