Travel in India with Top 10 Travel Apps in the 2018

Are you looking for a travel guide or thinking about to travel across India? If yes, then it’s a great idea to consider the most beautiful places, but the question is where to start it first. In this manner, the best idea is to consider the travel app, in which you can find where to start your traveling. There are many places include like desert, beautiful plains, beaches and hill station in India where a person can enjoy easily.

Also, you may find many places in India, where you can easily entertain yourself, but the thing is India is quite a big country because of its population, then a person could you find a place or where to start. This is the time where you can start up while getting help with a travel guide.

Living in the digital world means everybody is connected through digitization and the innovative devices like the smartphone and laptop. You can easily book a ride or find the best food place, so having a smartphone or the smart connectivity is the essential benefit for everyone. With the help of the app, you can book a hotel online as well as getting the review of the places and many more things.

Here is the top travel app, so you can enjoy your journey:


It’s a travel discovery platform that is helpful in finding the best places, after that plan your journey accordingly. With the help of HolidayIQ, you can easily search the best travel destination and plan your journey accordingly. Also, you can see the reviews of people so you can book the hotel or destinations accordingly. The best part of choosing this app is you can easily get the local food locations.

Google Trips – the best Travel Planner:

Google Trips can easily explore the world, also helpful in providing the essential information. You can use this app whether you are offline. Also, you can get the many activity suggestions and place it after customizable according to your traveling plans or reservation with the help of Gmail.

This app is an automatic organizer that organized individual trips. Additionally, you will get many good features like the tour attracting list means where to go and where to visit.


You can get the idea from its name, meanwhile, TripAdvisor provides advice to arrange a perfect trip. If you want to search some destinations like hotel, flights or restaurants, then this app is perfectly suitable for you. However, you will get the user review as well as famous destinations in one place. All of you need to read the review and decide accordingly, whether you need to select the destinations, hotel, restaurants, and flights etc.


It is the best considerable app because you will get hotel destinations as well as booking the bus tickets, train, cab or any flight. MakeMyTrip app is included in the top 10 tour guide app, also the demand of this app is enhancing day by day in India. So, while using this app you never face any difficulties. The best part of using this you can get the discount as well. Through online, you can get the coupons also.


For travelers, ClearTrip is considered as the top app because of its vast platform. You can book tickets for train and bus or your flight directly by using this app. Additionally, by looking at your date you can book the hotel as well as easily find it. There is also a gateway to finding the weekend getaway, so you will get the best option for celebrating your weekend.

IRCTC Connect

It is the best railway app, which is helpful in booking the railway in a shortage of time. In the India history, this app is launched in its first time because there are many apps, but you never find this railway app. You can leave your queues in the comment if you face any problem.

Apple Maps:

If you are using an iPhone mobile, then you are quite familiar with this app because this app is specifically designed for Apple user. Another name of this app is an IOS version of the Google Map. It is a default install app that works perfectly, whenever you drive a car and connected with the google app.


Everybody hears this app because it is all in one app. All of you need to open this app and check the review of your favorite place, however, you can get the latest information about the different destination, so open this app and learned more about the latest travel information. This is the one step farther away app from your destination. You can get the tourist attraction all around India.

Lonely Planet:

Today, Lonely Planet is considered as the best tourist app all around India. However, you can judge and find the frequent traveling, whether a person is present or not. Every travel has installed this app just because they prefer the most edge applications. In this app, you can get a text, video, maps or travel destinations.


This is the most challenging and the most adventurous traveling app. If you are considering to travel like a solo, then choose the WeTravelSolo app, also you can get the chance of meeting with new peoples. This app offers the best trip with unique ideas, so you may get the chance of finding your soul mate.

The above are the top app that is considered for best traveling tour guide app 2018 in India. Without facing a hurdle, you can easily explore the whole country. The basic purpose of choosing this app that you will get all in one thing. Planning a trip is quite a hard task but not an impossible one. It’s important to choose that app which can provide you the best travel destinations. So choose that one which fits according to your requirements.

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