Reviews of Akshay Kumar “Gold Movie” released on 15th august

We all love to watch the movies. It is the best way to kill the time. Watching a movie is like a treat for us. Even in our modern busy life we manage time to watch the movie for pleasure. We watch movies to get escape from our materialistic and, monotonous routine.

A movie is releasing on national Holiday:

15th August is celebrated as a national holiday in India. And a film is released on that day. It is Akshay Kumar’s movie in which some drama, action, and reality of historical spot are included and this is directed by Reema Kagti and produced by Ritesh SIdhwani and, Farhan Akhrtar. The film tells about the Indian Olympic gold in 1948 after the freedom from foreign powers.

What is the plot of the movie?

This movie represents a struggle of the Indian people. How they establish themselves as an independent nation without any empowerment. We can see that struggle in the fictitious character of Akshay Kumar. This movie is actually about taking a revenge to form the Britishers for the two hundred years of slavery.  They have relied on us because they had this motto that they are there to teach us and tell us the better way of living. But the reality was totally different.

After the freedom with this Olympic gold, they have proved Indians are as much civilized and educated as the British. This Olympic was actually a slap on the white people who acclaimed that they came to India for the betterment and, acknowledgment of Indian people. But what they did was totally contrary.  The plot revolves around this theme.  Akshay Kumar, a fictitious character is a manager of a team who endeavors to assemble the country’s first all-India hockey team.  Akshay Kumar plays the role of Tapan Das. The movie is also about his aim to beat the white people at their own game on their own land.

What does gold symbolize?

In this movie gold symbolizes a victory of Indian people over the people who called them to their masters. It also clears the idea that this India is no more a British India now it is free from the British Raj. Gold symbolizes a power of Indian people how incredible and passionate they are. With the gold Indian people prove that they are even better, well-informed, and enlightened people than their so called masters.

Why is this movie released on 15th August?

The reason why this movie releasing on the Independence Day is to set your patriotism on a higher level or to make you feel proud as an Indian.  Indians are powerful and well-civilized people they can even win an Olympic gold from the people who ruled over them for two hundred years. Always feel so proud of your country and people. After the victory in the Olympic match the Indian flag furling high on the British land which is the proudest moment for every Indian.  After seeing such scene every Indian will be proud of itself or its people. It is a very proud moment to see your flag hoisting high on the international platform.  This movie will be released on 15th August to make you realize how lucky you are that you are living in this land with honor and dignity due to the efforts of your forefathers. You are now free from any foreign invasion due to the endless struggle of your people.

Gold is not just a movie; it reminds us of painful realities:

Film gold is more than a historical sport drama. It recreates all the painful moments. We can also experience the brutality done in the partition time and the struggle of Indian people. The production and, the costume plays important role in the realistic portrayal of these scenes.  And the hockey match will give you goose bumps, it is pasteurized so beautifully even you can feel that you are sitting in an audience. Emotions run high while watching the match as an Indian or to see your people fighting for Olympic gold.

Is this movie worth Watching?

Yes, this movie is worth watching. You will come to know how your ancestors get dignity and prove themselves well-informed.  This movie is actually spread awareness in the young generation. The movie beautifully educates its subject with the remarkable production and, direction. On the 15th August you will come to know this day is not just for celebration, but this day is actually giving you a chance of gratitude. With these kinds of movie directors want to bring light on the issues which are forgotten by us for a long time.  This movie is totally worth watching just go to the cinemas and enjoy it.

Why we love to Watch the movies?

 There are some specific reasons that will clearly unveil this idea why we love to watch to watch movies?

  • We love to watch a movie because of its theme, its happy ending that gives us hope.
  • It gives us a privilege to release our emotional when we are going through some trauma in our life. It will change your perception about the different thing and makes us more positive
  • It is the best way to kill the time because while watching a movie you we passing your bored timed while doing some productive thing
  • Movies actually tell us many things. We can learn from the tragic movie how we have to act in the real life. It also has behavioral teaching for us. We can learn from the movies
  • A comedy movie can make you feel better after watching it you will be much lighter
  • It makes the impossible things that is why we love to watch it for the extraordinary experience
  • It gives us food for thought about a particular topic and educate us about a subject
  • We also get acknowledgement and, awareness about an issue in the movies

These are the reason why we prefer to watch a movie in our spare time.

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