Order your tasty food with 8 Best Food Apps in India

Every person has the first and basic need is food. For the food lovers there are various mobile apps available, who take orders online and deliver the fresh food at their homes within few minutes only. In this modern mobile world we don’t need to worry if too many guests came home, we have various options to order food online, and we don’t need to worry to cook food at home.

Every person who operate android phones; they can download any of the following food apps into their smart phones and can place their orders. All these apps allow the users to pay in advance through their debit cards or credit cards and cash on delivery also.

So people don’t need the knowledge of cooking while staying away from homes, they can feel at home by ordering the fresh cooked hot foods at their doorsteps within few minutes only. Here we are providing the detailed information about various food apps available in India who provides food at home.

  1. Zomato

Zomato is the platform provided in year 2008 for finding restaurants. Zomato is having information about 1.4 million restaurants available across 24 countries i.e. India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy etc.

Zomato was known by another name i.e. Foodiebay and officially it was named as zomato in November 2010. Zomato app was developed for finding restaurants nearby, booking tables, POS systems or the other subscription services. But now zomato has expanded their services to order foods online.

They have tie-ups with the nearby restaurants so that people can order food online. They provide easy and quick access to the best restaurants nearby from which they can find their menus on their mobile apps, also they can order by sitting at home.

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  • Foodpanda

Foodpanda is German based food delivery app having tie-ups with approximately 27k restaurants, and operating in 10 countries i.e. India, Hong Kong, Pakistan etc. This app allows its users to order foods online from their nearby best restaurants.

This app was developed in 2012 and was acquired by “Delivery Hero” in December 2016. Foodpanda accepts order online for various restaurants and users can put their reviews about the foods, delivery etc.

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  • Swiggy

Eat india, grow india. Swiggy is India’s largest food app and it is Bangalore based food ordering and home delivery company. It has more than 25 thousand restaurants tie-up. Through swiggy app, people can order their foods from their favorite restaurants and can track their orders as well.

Swiggy have no restriction for minimum order amounts and also it provides customer satisfactory support also. They take online orders and assure fast deliveries.

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  • Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one more fantastic online food ordering app. It is American food delivery platform developed by uber in 2014. Uber Eats serves in the worldwide. Users can read menus of nearby restaurants and can order and pay online. Users have additional delivery tip option also.

This app provides details about open and closed restaurants separately. Meals are delivered by uber team through cars, bikes or on foot. Various offers are provided by the app on the foods i.e. some % of discounts is provided sometimes.

People have various options of restaurants to choose foods. This app sometimes provides food from local famous person chefs to increase their public visibility.

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  • TastyKhana

TastyKhana is one more India based food delivery app having links with 5000 restaurants across india. TastyKhana is transforming india’s food ordering habits. This platform was launched in  2007 in Pune.

Users can order any kind of food i.e Pizza, burger, curry, kabab or any Indian foods etc. Users can view their previous orders and can reorder also. It allows users to order home delivery or takeaway options.

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  • Domino’s

Domino’s is American pizza restaurant developed in 1960. They are largest pizza sellers all over the world. This company is having 9000 stores worldwide and having menu i.e pizza, pasta, oven-baked sandwiches, salads, breadsticks, chicken wings and various desserts also. Domino’s app is online like domino’s store in user’s pockets.

Users can order and have delivered their order within 30 minutes. Users can track their orders online using DOMINO’S GPS PIZZA TRACKER and can watch their pizza creation using DOMINO’S PIZZA CHEF.

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  • JustEat

JustEat is UK based online food order and delivery service founded in 2001. It is providing services in 13 Europe countries. It allows users to order from best nearby restaurants and pay online, and also choose pick-up or home delivery options.

JustEats provides Restaurants having a large choice of varieties of foods i.e. curry, naans, tandoori and other many more items in the menus of different resrurants. JustEat accepts cards, cash from users for their orders and deliver food to their homes with a fast delivery service.

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  • FoodMingo

FoodMingo is also UK based online portal for having foods at our homes. Now it has been launched in India also. It provides one-stop one-solution clicks for all nearby available best restaurants.

This app provides table booking, Banquet booking and provides various discounts and deals through FoodMingo coupons which also help to provides free food or free gifts to the users to continue the services.

FoodMingo is dedicated to provide best quality of service to its users. Users can order from their homes or their workplaces, FoodMingo provides their services to the users wherever they require. With the help of FoodMingo coupons users can get best price deals on food in all the nearby restaurants.

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These are few of the best available apps in India from which we can order by sitting at homes. You can try any of the above apps and can enjoy your meals by just few touches in the apps only, rather than spending few hours in the kitchen for cooking.

Today modern age of mobile apps has made our lives easier and smoother. Anyone can organize foods without any kind of hard work. So must try these apps and enjoy your life happily.

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