10 Top Luxury Hotels in Chandigarh for spending holidays

The “CITYBEAUTIFUL” one and only the safest city in India “Chandigarh” is well-known for its blend of contemporary architecture and natural and natural beauty. Chandigarh is the capital of two major states of India Haryana and Punjab. That’s why this city has its own economical, Social, Political and Financial significance.

Thousands of native and international delegation plus individual come to visit Chandigarh on daily basis. Some of them come here for business purposes while, other wants to visit this place due to its alluring scenery, calming atmosphere and rocking nightlife.

To have a comfortable and memorable stay it’s necessary to have a great accommodation option. With this,   I am coming towards my topic of discussion “10 Luxury Hotels in Chandigarh”. In these blog I have tried to cover at all outstanding hotels of Chandigarh with price and all necessary features like set up, hospitality of the staff and a lot more that you will love to know. Ok, so, without any extension let’s move towards the catalog.

  1. Taj Chandigarh:

Taj Chandigarh is one of the best hotels in Chandigarh. Taj is located in Sector 17 and is a center of attraction for all international individuals, entrepreneurs and delegations due to its alluring services and incomparable comfort.

Taj Chandigarh has 149 guest rooms, all of them are upholstered with lavish furniture and their architecture is simply symbolic. There are bars, restaurants ready to blow your hunger pangs. All night party clubs, up to date health centre, a beautiful banquet hall and much more.

People usually give preference to hotels located near the airport and other public hubs.  It takes only 15 minutes from Taj to Railway station and 45 minutes to Airport. Taj provides facility of transport as wel. There fleet is comfortable and high-tech with a complete GPRS system connected with Satelite so, you can also use free Wi-Fi.

Price per day: PKR 9,250/-

  • The Lalit Chandigarh

If you are searching for luxury hotels in Chandigarh then The Lalit Chandigarh is a heaven for you. If you do not have any problem in investing sufficient money to gain oasis of comfort then The Lalit Chandigarh is here to serve you.

This place has 179 lavish guestrooms are decorated with attractive and comfortable upholstery. This hotel has a grand restaurant offering a spectacular range of delicious dishes including Indian food+ international cuisines. Italian Cuisines are most famous at The Lalit Chandigarh restaurant.

There is a huge banquette hall, a state of the art health centre, an calming spa and bars with thrilling music and outstanding party atmosphere.

Price Per day: PKR 12,743/-

  • Hotel Park Plaza

With an approximate closeness with airport Hotel Park Plaza is one of the best-5-star hotels in Chandigarh. This place is near to the commercial area of the Chandigarh. They offer comfort and affordability side by side.

Park Plaza has wide dinging sets and a stunning banquet hall. It ca ne divided into three meeting halls at a time and can be used as a single hall for huge gatherings.

Bedrooms are spacious, well-maintained beautifully furnished and available at quite convenient rates if you are out to kill your sorrows and stress then Hotel Park Plaza has a calming spa for you.  There is a night club as well that is the ultimate destination of all party giants. This is located in Zirakpur.

Price: PKR 6,695/-

  • Hotel Mountain View

With only 13 minutes travel from Chandigarh airport Hotel Mountain View is considered one of the lushest hotels in Chandigarh. Its alluring facilities attract tourists itself without any resistance.

Lavish rooms, night bar, round the clock open Coffee Shop, luscious multicuisine restaurants are its assets. Along with this, this hotel is adored for its natural beauty a mesmerizing view of mountains from room balcony.

Price: PKR 7,023/-

  • Hotel Cama

Hotel Cama is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary architecture. This hotel is well-known for its courteous staff and multi cuisine restaurants. It’s one of the most luxury hotels in Chandigarh.

This hotel has a spa where you can release your stress and a 24/7 open bar where you can party like an animal.  If you want enjoy luxury with affordability then Hotel Cama should be your first choice.

Price: INR 358/-

  • Hotel Heritage

Hotel Heritage is one of the most lavish hotels in Chandigarh with a four star standard. Comfortable rooms, delicious food, a wide swimming pool are some of its prominent features. As far as architecture of Hotel Heritage is concerned it’s a fusion of traditional and modern style in a way that attracts the customers.

All rooms are cleaned, well maintained and contain all essential furniture as well. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi and Transport facility. And yes if you want to make your night fun then this place has outstanding English style bar for you where you can eat, drink and party all night.

Price: INR 2,070/-

  • Hometel Chandigarh

Hometel Chandigarh is the next level of comfort and fun. This place is very well-known for its beautifully furnished rooms. It has 114 charming restrooms. With multiple facilities including hair dryer, mini Bar, lockers and, room safety and much more.

Along with that, this hotel has a rocking where you can enjoy DJ nights, live concerts and a grand relaxation lounge. Hometel Chandigarh is a great couple destination as well.

If you want to soothe yourself in a personalized way then do not forget to visit this place. If you haven’t chosen it for accommodation, still you have a chance to enjoy its delicious cuisines by giving a visit to hotel’s restaurant.

Price: INR 9,851/-

  • Regent Central Chandigarh

Regent Central Chandigarh is the choice of Businessman, Corporate and entrepreneurs. Mainly 75% business meetings are held in this hotel it has75 spacious rest rooms and suits. This is a great place to visit with your family, friends and loved ones. Along with this, it’s an amazing place to kill your anxiety and refresh yourself.

Price: INR 6,789

  • Hotel Orbit

Hotel Orbit is a modern style hotel with attractive architecture and extremely polite staff. This hotel has luxury rooms with all necessary facilities. It’s quite much popular among domestic visitors who, comes from other cities of India to visit the beautiful city Chandigarh.

Hotel Orbit also has a vast swimming pool where you can enjoy swimming and soothe your nerves. Moreover, rooms are quite affordable and luxurious. If you want to enjoy date with your loved one then it’s a great place to have fun I must say. Let’s discuss about the price now.

Price: INR 1285/-

  1. Hotel Sun valley

It’s one of the best hotels in Chandigarh, it was founded in2 006. From its establishment till now it made great progress it has evolve as one of the top list of 5 star hotels in Chandigarh. Its architecture is quite amazing, and food is extremely mouth-watering. Once you visit this place you will never choose another place for to stay in Chandigarh.

With this hotel, you can get great deals in a quite affordable cost.

Price: INR 1,000/-

 This catalog is based on Google Rating, customer reviews and database of hotel progress. You will not be disappointed by choosing any one of it.

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