Why don’t Sandeep Maheshwari monetize YouTube video to earn money?

Sandeep Maheshwari is an Indian motivational speaker. He failed initially, but due to ongoing efforts, courage and capabilities achieve his goal. Sandeep made enough struggle to reach towards happiness, success and, contentment.  He faces failure and all the hurdles in his life with a positive mindset, but his positive outlook helps him to achieve what he wants.

A person who experiences such things in life wants to tell others how they need to react for certain things on traumas. He tells other how they need to be what mindset they need to have to pass a positive life. It is true that a person can tell you how to react against unfavorable circumstances when he has undergone such circumstances. He can tell you many things which you really don’t know. What we all need to know how to react when we are not in our comfort zone. This is actually something that bothers us.  He answers such questions; also tells what kind of attitude you need to adopt.

What does Sandeep Maheshwari actually do?

He has his own company that he runs to earn money other than that he has live sessions in India with different people at the different places and what he does in this live session he confabulates with the different people who are undergoing the different traumas in their lives. He just simply talks to them and shares his point of view.  Let’s figure it out what kind of confabulation he has with people in the different sessions.

  • He talks about a very sensitive issue and a severe topic in a very light way
  • He talks about the different topic that you cannot talk to anyone. You can get the answers to your question from his videos easily
  • Even he motivates you to do the most difficult things in your life. Sometimes you can never move yourself to do different things but someone’s motivational speech can move you to do these things.
  • He wants to inspire people for never accept failure go on trying. Never accept failure work wait determination and consistency one day you will get success
  • Sometimes people need to listen other go gain their energy to fulfill their blurred visions and dreams. They remain unable to find such people around them. Sandeep Maheshwari makes the video for such people
  • He tells other to change their attitude toward life. The positive outlook is something that we need to adopt because a positive look can give you much. With a negative mindset, you cannot the things clearly
  • He tells people to believe yourself that we all need. We are most of the time due to the failure start degrading ourselves which is not a right attitude.

He makes videos on YouTube to talk to people to teach them to talk to them. Most of the people are disheartened and disappointed with their lives he gives food of thought to these kinds of people.

Why doesn’t Sandeep Maheshwari monetize his videos?

This is the question that people usually have in their minds why does not he earn money from his YouTube videos? Most of the people ask this question why he is not using YouTube to earn money.

YouTube is a source to earn money and he has approximately six million followers on YouTube. Why he is not making money from YouTube with such number of followers. There are certain points which will tell you why he is not using YouTube for money making.

He doesn’t want to commercialize his videos and channel:

He doesn’t want to use his live session and video to earn money. He has a company from where he earns money. He uses his company and other things to earn money that is enough for him and, he uses his sessions for the YouTube channel for satisfaction and, contentment. He has a clear line from where he wants to earn money or from where he wants to get the satisfaction.

He does not want to use his channel which he has made for his motivational speeches and for the satisfaction that he gets after giving a very suitable solution for money purpose. Meanwhile, he has other ways from where he can earn money.

He doesn’t want any interruption:

As a YouTuber, you can earn much and a YouTuber who has approximately six million followers can earn much. But if he commercializes his channel then after five to ten minutes you will see add.

You will add for interrupt the scenario. He does not want any interruption between his followers and him. Maybe someone is listening to him with dedication and getting the answers to his question then add comes that will spoil the whole momentum. Add can spoil the chain of thought that one has made.

He wants a direct relation with his followers:

Sandeep Maheshwari wants one to one as well as the direct relationship between him and his followers. He has made this channel for inspiring others so he wants a direct relationship. He does not make this channel for commercial purposes.  He also spoils the mindset that one has made after listening to him that is why he wants to be direct. He wants to convey his idea directly without any disturbance.

He knows how to make money from the things of one’s interest:

He makes money from the things that he has mastery over. Because as he always tells try to polish your skill and work better. Always choose the subject of your interest to earn money. If you will earn money from your area of interest, then you will never be bored with your work.  You will just keep one thing in mind how you can be better at your work.  So he earns money from his area of interest he does not need to earn money from YouTube.

These are the reasons, which explicitly points out why doesn’t he monetize his YouTube video.

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