Who is Amit Bhadana & Ashish chanchlani? How they become YouTuber?

Amit Bhadana and Ashish Chanchlani are the two most famous YouTuber celebrities in India. They have millions of followers all over India. In following, we are discussing how they become famous.

Amit Bhadana:

He is one of the best YouTube celebrities in India, who gained 100,000 followers in a single day.

The thing which disguises him from others is that he is not using a single abusive word in his videos. We can see a unique thing in his every upcoming video. He always gives the tough time to his YouTube competitors.

Adele song “Hello” is the first video of Amit Bhadana on YouTube after receiving a positive response from the public, when he made various dubbing video and become famous.

He started his career in 2015 with making funny vines. After that he is also active on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Because of his creativity and talent, he becomes the famous celebrity on the Internet. He is one of the best viners in India right now. Moreover, he has a huge fan following in India.

Amit has 38,00000 followers on Facebook and 550k followers on Instagram. The best part is that he is getting millions of likes on his every video. He made his name as a famous Viner and his followers increasing day by day. His all videos are unique and we can see how much they put effort into his videos. Due to the excellent sense of humor, Amit attracted a large number of his viewers. Amit Bhadana is the icon name of Viner industry. He targeted the common issues of society and made videos on it.

Ashish Chanchlani:

Ashish Chanchlani is the famous Viner, actor, and YouTuber, who is rocking the internet and breaking all the records by showing his talent. He publishes the comic vines on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In a very short time, he becomes popular among youngsters.

His journey of engineering student to a Viner is not easy. He always educates the youngsters to show their talent and skills through the internet. His video of David Lopez of 6.5 seconds changed his life. He has 32,00000 followers on YouTube, 2,793,841 followers on Facebook and 2,00000 followers on Instagram.

Despacito Video is one of the high-ranked videos of Ashish Chanchlani.

People who become Celebrities through YouTube:

There are some personalities which are famous through YouTube:

1: Justin Bieber

2: Carly Rae Jepsen

3: Bo Burnam

4: Havard Rugland

5: Zaid Ali

6: Sham Idress

And so on.

These are some of the well-known YouTube personalities who become Celebrities.

Importance of YouTube:

YouTube is the biggest platform to show your talent and skills to the people around the world. If you feel bored then watch your favorite videos on YouTube. People can watch TV shows, Drama Serials, Movie Trailers, Live Streaming and News on it. Registered users watch and upload videos and unregistered users just watch videos. You can generate revenue on YouTube with Google AdSense. 400 hours of content uploading in each minute and one billion are watched on Google every day. It is the second popular website on the internet.

Advantages of YouTube:

There is no fee for using YouTube. It is free and you can watch anything on it. You can also be uploading your videos on YouTube. AdSense is allowed their user to earn money from your uploaded videos. If you don’t have any AdSense account then you create a new account with your YouTube profile.

Using YouTube to reach media is very simple and easy. It provides you with clean and fast service and you are up to date with new videos on YouTube. It’s a rating and feedback system is very easy. YouTube has a great privacy policy, safe browsing and quick access to the video.

YouTube has a great variety of videos and you can access information in a very short time.

It is easy for people who are even not using the computer. You just have a video cam or camera, so you will able to upload the videos on YouTube. You can share videos with family and friends on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, you can contact other YouTube channels and become famous in days. If your video is funny, attractive or impressive then people like and subscribe your channel and share your videos with their friends.

How to become famous on YouTube:

If you want to become famous on YouTube, you should take several steps which are the following:

1: First you have to work on your YouTube channel. Your channel must attract the audience.

  • You should fill all information with honesty and don’t be shy if you want to become a YouTuber.
  • You should publish a welcome video which is short and impressive and add attractive text.
  • Must categorize your channel so the people find out the video easily.

2: Secondly use Some Smart Tricks:

  • YouTube rank 5+ minutes videos higher compared to short clips. So you make long videos.
  • You must have use keywords on your file name. Your keywords attract the viewer.
  • Your title must carry at least 5 words
  • Write a description of the video in which you describe your video clip briefly.
  • Tag your videos. Popular channels must tag their videos.
  • Check your YouTube channel once in a week.
  • Share your video links on different sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Use movie maker or other editing software for your video.
  • Your video must have better video quality with the perfect soundtrack. For the better video, you should use Digital Cameras.
  • You must speak clearly and eye contact with your audience is very important.
  • You should be offering amazing items to your subscribers.
  • If you funny, sweet, bubbly show them your audience. People caught you in 10 seconds that you are genuine or not.
  • You must make a video once a week. It really attracts your audience.
  • If you want to become popular, so you have to watch others channels for new ideas.
  • To gain popularity you must have to talk to your viewers.

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