12 Best Nightclubs in Chandigarh to enjoy nightlife

Chandigarh is the most happening place in India where charm of the life can be seen more vigilantly after the sun goes down. If you are a true party monster and fond of hanging out with your jiggers then the best Night out place in Chandigarh are ready to greet you with mesmerizing open view restaurants, clubs, pubs, discos, fun points and dhabas.

The most attractive fact about Chandigarh’s night life is, that here you can enjoy thrilling music, delicious food, all night parties with desi fun. It’s a blend of fun and affordability. So, if you are planning to roam around in India for a stunning night life, then Chandigarh is will be a great choice by all means.

Array of the best Nightclubs in Chandigarh:

This outbreak is going to blow your mind with excitement to watch these places yourself.  Chandigarh is the centre of best nightlife in Punjab let’s have a brief round o know what places should be top of your list.

  1. Whistling Duck

Whistling Duck is one of the most charming places in Chandigarh. Here you can enjoy non- stop party buzz, DJ on demand, thrilling dance and the ultimate madness. Every Friday Whistling Duck play on your demand; Friday is the DJ night and if you are interested in live gigs then weekends are full of it. Every Saturday there used to be a live concert of popular singers. If you want to spend a party night with your loved ones then Whistle Duck is the perfect place for you.

Moreover, location of this club, courteous staff and Alcohol friendly environment is cherry on the cake. With this, Whistling duck is considered one of the best night clubs in Chandigarh.

Google Rating: 4.1/5

Location: SCO 10, Back lane Sector 26, Chandigarh

Closing time: after Midnight

Cost for two: 1,700/-


FLYP@MTV is choice of the nation. With spectacular interior, rocking music, courteous staff, appetizing food and yes, cherish able drink rounds this the most wanted place for all party hunters.

Its interior is quite attractive with decent color combination and eye-catching beauty. You will never have to face any inconvenience in FLYP@MTV because they have a robust security system expert in tackling critical situations. So, if you want to spend a night of fun in Chandigarh then this place is your ultimate destination. Don’t ask about Alcohol, its more worthy to go and enjoy this essence yourself.

Google Rating: 4.4/5

Location: SCO 47, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Closing time: After Midnight

Cost for two: 1,200/-

  • Hops n Grains

No trip to Chandigarh can be completed without tasting the mouth-watering Hops n Grains. Sky high fun, hospitable staff, microbrewery service and rocking music are perks of this shinni9ng star.

It’s considered the Best Pub in Chandigarh due to an alluring party atmosphere and an epic microbrewery service. Get ready for a strong hangover and an awesome party with your friends in Chandigarh’s heaven.

Google Rating: 4.3/5

Location: SCO 358, Sector 9, Panchkula

Closing time: after Midnight

Cost for two: 2,000/-

  • The Great Bear

It’s one of the most happening night bars in Chandigarh with appetizing food. This bar is famous for its delicious dishes including Chicago, pizza, shawarma, mocktails, wheat bear and falafel. What do you think is it possible to overlook such mouth-watering servings? Of course not!

From last two years The Great Bear bar has gain much popularity in crowd gathering. They offer outdoor sitting, rooftop sitting, live sports streaming, live concerts, DJ nights and much more.

Google Rating: 4.3/5

Location: SCO 32, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Closing time: after midnight

Cost for two: 1,600/-

  • The Back Room

Mostly people rush towards the night clubs to soothe their stress and flush out worst memories of the day. The Back Room helps you to get rid of the stress by calm music and refresh your mind with shots of alcohol.

The unique thing about this place is that every night you will see a new band performing with unique music that has a spell in it.   If you are near sector 34 then this place is your ultimate destination to have a rocking night.

Google Rating:  4.1/5

Location: SCO 165-167, The Toy Hotel, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh

Closing time:  after midnight

Cost for two: 1,600/-

  • Serenda-WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Doesn’t matter how old you are its always fun to have outdoor dinners with your family, friends and loved ones. Whether you are planning to have a family dinner or want to spend quality time with your wife or girlfriend then Serenda-WelcomHotel Bella Vista is a perfect place for you. With a peaceful atmosphere, alluring music, yummy food and an affordable cost it’s in the top of the best night restaurants in Chandigarh.

Whether you are a student, boy or girl, young or old they have a n attractive deal for all of you.  To spend a quality time with your family especially at weekends this place can be your topmost priority.

Google Rating:  4/5

 Location: WelomeHotel Bella Vista, Sector 5, City Centre, Panchkula

Cost for two: 1,200/-

  • Grapewine

Don’t worry if your stomach is empty even after a strong hangover, because Grapewine has a marvelous variety of dishes for you to satisfy your hunger.

If you trying to visit this place on weekends then you have to wait for a while because, it gets crowdie on weekends. Still wait is worthy, because food is simply mouth-watering. Give a try to this place and have a nice dinner.

  • Hoppin Restro Bar

If you want to experience calming nightlife of Chandigarh then do visit Hopin Restro Bar. This is a place where you can kill your sorrows, disappointments and loss with a nerve calming music and mesmerizing atmosphere.

This bar is also famous for its sober staff and variety of drinks. People come here to enjoy live band performances and scrumptious dishes. Along with that, it’s a great place to have a romantic date with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Lava Bar

If you are looking for a stunning bar and disco in Chandigarh then Lava Bar can be your first choice. It’s one of the most phenomenon places in the city. You can go there with your family or friends to have a fun time.

Music, alcohol food, dances and yes, beautiful interior are assets of this charming place.

  1. Paara club

With a thrilling dance floor and comfortable relaxation lounge this club has upgraded the charm of nightlife to the next level. This place is famous for DJ parties, and a perfect blend f North Indian Cuisine with Continental.

All party giants rush towards this outstanding place to enhance ultimate fun of parties.

  1. Kitty Su

 Kitty Su is a heaven for dance bugs. This place is a pub plus a club and a disco as well. With a high rocking party music, neon lights, best quality music systems, beautiful crowd and attractive interior this place appeal party animals a lot.

If you want to enjoy delicious food with awe-inspiring music, exciting dance and charming neon lights then Kitty Su is near you. It’s an optimum place to spend your night out and make it memorable.

  1. Buzz

Are you fond of hangovers? Buzz presents overflowing mugs of beer with retro music, DJ on demand and live concerts.  Buzz is a newly formed nightclub but has sustained a good rating due to its attractive affordable services.

Red hot dance floor, resting lounges, roaring crowd and DJ playing top-gayer songs, yes I am talking about none other than Buzz. Where you can feel the heart beat on your head.

  1. Peddlers

Peddler is a great nightspot for youngsters. Calming atmosphere, live band performances, neon lights, retro music system and a charming crowd are some features of this mind-blowing place.

Talking about food, you can get here all types of food including continental, Italian cuisine and most appetizing North Indian Cuisine. Get ready to burn your taste buds with spicy food of Peddlers.

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  1. Round The Clock- Hotel Mountain View

 As we all know that, Chandigarh is considered one of the safest place foe girls in India. This is the reason that Chandigarh has most vibrant nightlife in India.

Hotel Mountain View is an elite place to spend night with your partner and eat super-delicious food. Its amazing mount view has a spell in it. If you want to enjoy romantic company of your partner then this hotel is an amazing place for you.

  1. Ministry of Bar Exchange:

As the name reveals, it is a unique kind of club with luxurious décor and attractive exterior as well as interior. This place is eminent for its astounding style of serving drinks. They offer complete package of drinks, food, dance and music. Stereo music systems with a high resolution volume and party friendly buzz are specialties of this place. This place is safe, convenient, affordable, calm, rocking and yes a perfect party hub.

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