Google Blog Compass Newest app for Bloggers in India to Audit their Sites

India is a fast emerging market in the world. Several people are hoping their online appearance and approaching online business through their mobile phone devices, For instance, bloggers and SEOs majorly. Google is paying a lot of attention towards these people because we know that India is the second most populated country in the world and is developing rapidly. In the recent past, Google has launched many mobile applications for Indian users Blog Compass by Google is one of them. This app is available at beta for Indian users only. Yet this thing is not clear that whether people of other regions can use it or not.

What is Blog Compass?

Blog compass is the newest app introduced by Google especially for Indian users. This app is basically a guideline for bloggers and web designers and developers. With this app users can get an instant list of all hot topics like recent trends. In this way, new bloggers can make get maximum hype for their websites using these keywords or topics. Well, do not forget your passion because writing on trendy topics is a quick way to get money as you will get money per click. But writing what you are passionate about form a strong with readers. But no doubt blogger compass by Google is a great opportunity for Indians yo audits their sites.

Features of Google app Blog Compass:

After understanding the nature of this app let’s talk about its sizzling features.
• With this app users can get all trendy topics and make their website popular. Along with that, they can get top ranking by listing themselves on the first page of Google. So, it’s a great deal for SEOs.
• Web designers will also be able to manage their website. As they can approve comments from the visitors and check their response to their posts. It’s a quite vital app to check the reader’s response as well. Blog compass delivers resources and analytics for good blog practices.

How is Google blog Compass operated?

Blog compass is available at beta only for Indian users yet. It can be operated through WordPress and as well. Do you know more than 30% of websites in the world are powered by word press? It can be easily downloaded by the Google play store. And you will see a note with it “only for Indian users”.

Components of the app:

Google has designed blog compass for Indian bloggers who are not much familiar with blogging and has in their web appearance. This app is easy to operate. It is operated through navigation keys given at the bottom of Android screens. Blog compass has three main page or components.
• Learning center
• Explore topics
• Visitor activity

You can easily approach any one of them by swiping your Mobile’s screen or just by tapping the icon.
Learning Centre: Learning center contains all the requirements to write a good blog. You can also analyze your blog whether it has a good readability or not. Along with this, there are a lot of tips given there to improve your blog and rank it first page of Google. At learning center users can also ask the question if they have any difficulty in writing a good blog or posting it. You can also observe the causes of getting fewer visitors to your site.

Explore topics: This is the most significant page for the users. Here they get all new topics that are at the top ranking. If you publish one or more of these topics on your site you then you will certainly get good traffic and a great response as well. It can be the best way for Indian bloggers to get maximum ranking on Google.

Visitor activity: With this facility, you can check the reader’s activity on your page or site. You can approve some comments and block others (if you think their attitude is negative and spammy). And you can get visitor’s feedback. In this way, you will be better able to analyze whether your style of writing is good or you need to improve. With Blog compass, you can make your site one of the best blog websites in the world. Well, this app is limited to Indians yet. Let’s see if it will be available for other country’s users or not!

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