8 Best Gaming Headphones Under Ruppes 2000 only

Gaming headsets have double up the fun of game especially when you get a best budget gaming headset your happiness get an extreme hype. Gaming headphone one of the most advanced features of video games. It’s not just a headphone to enjoy volume and music of the game. It’s a complete set of audio jack with a lot of qualities.

There are many accessories attached to a gaming headset. These accessories include drivers, a connector that connects a player with the other. Similarly, you can approach towards multiple games with this device. Headphone provides a gamer the very peaceful environment in which one can enjoy each and every moment of the game without any interruption. Because playing a game is not a kid’s play of course.

Catalog of Best Gaming Headset under 2000:

In India, there are numerous companies manufacturing different sort of gaming headphones according to their standard.  In this blog, I am going to put light on 8 best budget gaming headset. This blog contains the list of most demanded and useful gaming headsets that are available less than 2K. I hope this blog will assist you to buy your favorite headset at a convenient rate.

  • Redgear Hell Scream professional gaming headphones with a wired headset with Mic and 7RGB LED:

 If you ask about the finest headset at the least cost then Redgear is my first recommendation.  Redgear is ranked on the top [position with 212 users. Its stunning features make it customer’s first choice. Let’s talk about its specification Pons and cons.


Deep Bass, wired, surround volume, microphone connectivity. This device is available at a handsome price of Rs.1199.

User’s Review:

A massive number of people are using this product and showing an awesome response.  Most of them are greatly impressed by its features like microphone, Deep Bass and connectivity. So, buying Redgear is a great decision by all means.

  • BoAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

Its exquisite design and high tech HD sound quality are its best features. Boat Rockers comes in different price and color range. You can easily buy this product from Amazon or Flipkart.


  1. 10-hour battery and backup
  2. 50mm dazzling drivers
  3. A premium sleek design
  4. HD sound quality
  5. 35mm audio jack for further connectivity
  6. Many color choices and different price tags
  7. 400mAh battery backup

A huge number of people are showing a good response. So, it’s a great choice to experience quality on a budget.

  • 1More Piston Fit

1More Piston Fit is not on a great hype in India but its products are gaining quite popular among users especially they are manufacturing superior quality best budget gaming headset in a suitable budget.


  1. 20-20,000Hz frequency response.
  2. 100dB sensitivity.
  3. 5mm jack connection.
  4. 25 meters cable length.
  5. 0-gram weight.
  6. Attractive style with a variety of color range.
  7. 32Ω
  • Sennheiser CX 275 S in-ear universal mobile headphones with mic

It is compact design and two years warranty Sennheiser is attracting a wide number of gamers.


  1. 15-gram weight.
  2. In-ear design.
  3. 5mm audio jack connectivity.
  4. 15Ω
  5. 17-23,000Hz frequency response.
  6. Dynamic Drivers.
  7. 2 meters cable length.
  •  Sound Magic E10C in-ear headphones with mic

Like all other famous companies, SoundMagic is also providing a wide range of gaming headsets under Rs.2000.


  1. 18-22,000 frequency response.
  2. Dynamic driver.
  3. 2meters cable length.
  4. 5mm audio jack connectivity.
  5. Metal design with tangle-free loops.

This product is available in all online shopping stores at a price less than 2K. Get this headset in four variant colors.

  • Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Mi In-Ear is a money valuing products. Its sturdy metal core looks stunning and giver the user a high-end experience.  This gaming headphone is the best choice for all gamers who want no interruption while playing. If your budget is 2,000 then this device is made only for you. There will be hardly any device in the market that can beat the quality of Mi In-Ear.


  1. 17g weight.
  2. In ear design.
  3. 20-40,000 frequency response.
  4. 98dB sensitivity.
  5. Long lifespan.
  6. Attractive style with a beautiful metalcore.
  7. 25 meters cable length.
  • Sony MDR-XB450 on-ear EXTRA BASS headphones

This gaming headphone is stunningly awesome in producing an extreme bass at this price range. For all bass lovers, Sony MDR is a great tool to enjoy a game to the next level. It’s marvelous features are unmatchable. In India, Sony MDR is greeting much popularity due to extremely affordable price and strikingly awesome features. Let’s discuss some of its features.


  1. 30mm neodymium dynamic drivers.
  2. 102dB sensitivity.
  3. 2-meter cable length.
  4. 165 grams of weight.
  5. Magnificent look.
  6. Look term usage guarantee.
  7. In-ear design.
  • Audio-Technicia ATH-AX1iS

Audio Technicia is assisted by Android or iOS. It’s a charming over-ear style headset with fine volume and composed bass. Its design is quite eye-catching.  It’s tough to find these sorts of magnifying features in such a reasonable cost. For gamers, it’s a key to open the lock of happiness. Enjoy a high-quality gaming experience in a cost-effective range.


  1. 272 grams weight.
  2. 15-22,000 frequency response.
  3. 100dB sensitivity.
  4. 2 meters cable length.
  5. 40 omega impedance.
  6. Over-Ear design.
  7. Attractive look.
  8. Available I various colors and designs.

This is the last player from the 8 best gaming headsets in India. Now it’s your time to choose your favorite.

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In this blog, I have summarized all essential highlights regarding India’s favorite 8 gaming headphone on a low budget. All of these devices are available in all shopping stores. To get more info regarding color and design variants of these products search them on the Internet. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the price.  Get all headsets in the range of Rs. 1500-2,000. Play, win, enjoy, and choose the best. Keep reading. Stay blessed.

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