Bollywood Stars who are Battling Serious Diseases

Health is a great wealth of course. Sometimes people put themselves in a blind race of earning money and forget to take care of their health. Well, somewhat a serious disease can be considered as a fate too but many times it’s a consequence of our own negligence.

In this article, I am going to share with you the names of Bollywood stars who are suffering with serious disorders. There are many Bollywood actors and actresses battling with life threatening diseases but still entertaining audiences with their fresh smile and stunning performance.

Which Bollywood Actress Died of Cancer?

Sujata Kumar one of the most beautiful actresses of 19s has died of cancer. She was diagnosed with last stage cancer after her last movie “English Vinglish” in which she played the role of Sri Devi’s sibling. News of her death was confirmed by her sister Suchitra Krishnamoorth In her tweet she said.

“Our beloved Sujata Kumar has passed away and moved on to a better place leaving us with an umimaginable void. She left us an hour ago at 11.26 p.m. Life can never be the same again.” Sujita worked in numerous TV shows and movies as well. We will never forget her work for Bollywood.

Other Bollywood actors suffering with serious diseases:

Now its time to discuss about Bollywood actors who are battling with severe kind of diseases with a hope to be healthy soon.

Bollywood’s all times favorite Dabang is diagnosed with a severe sort of neurological disorder Trigeminal Neuralgia. It’s a kind of disorder in which there occur an episodic pain in face and jaws. Its intensity is quite high. The Superstar has taken a premium treatment for his disease by professional physicians Of US. This long term treatment has cured his disease a lot. Now there is a good hope that he will be again fully healthy soon.

Another sizzling actress of Bollywood Sunali Bendre is trying hard to survive with severe cancer. She is recently diagnoses with fatal cancer. This news proved quite shocking for her family and fans as well. she is getting treatment in New York. Our all best wishes are with you ma’am. Sonali said in one of her tweet that life show us things that we never dream to watch. Well, she is a fighter and soon we will see are again in her beautiful look.

Sharukh Khan

Here comes the King Khan of Bollywood. This courageous superstar of Bollywood had been battling with fatal back pain and weak arm for many years. For this reason, he always has his physician with him on sets to attend him in case of any serious issue. He also has to operate himself and had undergone almost 8 surgeries of many body parts including eyes, knees and ankles.

Karan Johar

Director and host Karan Johar is one of the Bollywood actors suffering from Piles. Karan Johar is one of the most openly speaking stars of B-town. But this time he does not want to reveal about his condition. Because according to him it’s none of anyone’s business to discuss about anyone’s private parts.  Fans, media and everyone wants to know the truth but he is not ready to acknowledge about her problem.  Its hypocrisy to say that you are saying that I am an open speaker and can talk about any subject openly but you are not letting people know what they really want to know…

Sonam Kapoor

The fashion Diva of Bollywood industry Sonam Kapoor is anguishing with diabetes. Most of the people are not aware of her disease. The beautiful superstar has diabetes since teenage but with control dietary plan and by adopting precautionary measure she has managed to enjoy a healthy life.

Irrfan Khan

Irrfan khan is a versatile actor known for his variety of roles. He is suffering with Neuroendocrine tumor a kind of brain cancer. This news proved to be quite shocking for his family and fans. He is still under treatment in London.

Hrithik Roshan

Handsome dancer and actor Hrithick Roshan is battling with chronic Subdural Hematoma. This is a disease concerned with neurological injury. As a consequence, Hrithick has to suffer with severe headache. He rottenly visit hospital for MRI and CT scan.

Amitabh bachchan

The Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is battling with several disorders including myasthenia gravis in 1984, TB in 2000 and Cirrhosis of liver in 1982 with this disease he went in deep depression and stress. But he is a fighter indeed still he is fighting with all his disorders and facing the world with a big smile.

Saif Ali Khan

Nawab Khan of B-Town is one of the Indian celebrities with heart problems. He is basically suffering with a heredity disorder Myocardial Infractions. In 2007 he had a minor heart attack and rushed to the hospital. Well, he is taking good care of his health with proper treatment and medication.

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