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Canada is becoming a dream destination for students and work enthusiasts as well. Canada is a land of rich traditions and number of religions. With the number of immigrants coming to Canada with each passing day. This nation has been known by the name as ‘the land of immigrants’. It became a self-governing nation in 1867 . At the economic and technological level, it has been developing in parallel with the us. It has been a constant attraction for the tourists and the people from other countries. The weather is generally varies from temperature in south to subarctic and arctic in north.

For indian students, Canada has been a top priority with a large number of intakes every year.

For Indian students generally there are three intakes:

  • January
  • May
  • September

The Canadian universities from Canada have intake of 130,000 international students annually.the procedure to be followed is :

1 Decide the university of which the student want acceptance Letter:

If the students want to study in Canada , one will have to decide before one can start the student visa application process. After getting accepted at any particular university, the student will get an acceptance letter required for visa application.

The Various Disciplines In Which Students Can Apply For:

  • Masters in Environmental sciences .
  • Masters in Psychology.
  • Masters in Computer Science.
  • Masters in Medicine.

Top Universities To Apply For:

  • Brock university.
  • Seneca college.
  • Thompson rivers university.
  • Royal roads university.
  • University of Regina.
  • Wilfrid Laurier university.

2. Check If You Need A Student Visa For Canada:

One do not need a study visa or study permit for Canada if one is in the following conditions:

  • If you are staff member or family member of a foreign resident in canada, who is accredited by department of foreign affairs, Canada.
  • Enrolling in a programme that has the validity of less than six months.
  • Having indian status registered in Canada.
  • Electronic travel authorization ( eta) to fly to Canada.

3. Apply For The Canadian Student Visa:

After getting the acceptance letter , the student should start preparing for the next procedure. The student visa often known as student permit is necessary .

Steps To Follow For Obtaining Student Visa:

  • Apply online for your Canadian student visa, on the website of citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC).
  • The students can also apply on paper.

According to latest visa rules, the application for work permit will be processed in two weeks. The permit for study expires ninety days after the studies are finished.

1 Prepare All Required Documents :

  • Completed application form for the visa.
  • Original letter of acceptance from the university in which enrolment is registered.
  • Valid passport document expect the ones living in the u.s.a.
  • Two copies of recent passport-size-photographs with specifications of name and date of birth.
  • Proof of financial support including tuition fee + 833 cad/ month.
  • Letter of explanation.
  • Proof of study permit fee.

2. Language Requirements :

Canadian universities require to submit proof of English language proficiency. The language tests which are accepted are :

  • Cambridge English: Advanced

3. Bio-metrics Appointment And Interview:

The fee for bio-metric is 85 cad. This fee is additional to the regular visa fee.

Procedure To Be Followed For Pr After A Student Has Reached In Canada:

The student on a study permit can apply for both temporary ( work visa and study visa) and permanent residence in canada. This process is often known as ‘ dual intent’. This process allows the students to apply for permanent residence, at the same securing the temporary study permit as well.

The Students Can Apply For Permanent Residence Under 3 Programs:

Canadian Experience Class ( Cec) :

To apply for CEC program the first step to do is to complete an express entry profile.

Minimum Requirements To Apply For Cec Programme:

At least 12 months experience of skilled work in Canada , in the last three years.

The work may be :

  • Full time
  • An equal time in part-time.
  • Gained work experience with proper authorisation.
  • Meeting The Required Language Levels:
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) :

Most number of the provinces and territories in Canada has the access to nominate immigrants through the pnp. The immigrants must have the skills , education and work experience to give the credit to that province.

Federal Skilled Worker Program ( FSWP):

It is for the people who are in selection to immigrate due to their work and skills .

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