10 Whatsapp Features You Don’t Know

Whatsapp is one of the world’s most popular messaging app. With the increase in the use of this messaging app, more and more new features are coming and adding to the app. This makes it unique, instant and easy to use app as well. Whatsapp has been constantly adding the functionality for it’s users to make it a world-class app as well. These new features are making the life of the user’s easy and organised. The priority of the features depends from the user to user.


1. Unsent Messages:

Unsend Messages

This is one of the best feature to have in this app. We can unsend the message which we have send by mistake. It can be possible by just holding the message and then select ‘delete for everyone’. This will make the message invisible to the receiver whom we have send it by mistake. This is only possible if the message sent is less than seven minutes ago

2. Dodge The Blue Ticks:

Dodge The Blue Ticks

There is always display of the blue tick whenever we have sent someone a message and it has been seen by the receiver. But with this new feature coming to the fore we can dodge the blue ticks by going to Settings>Account> Privacy>Read Receipts. But by this, the particular user also cannot see his/her own messages being seen by other individual or not .

3. Hiding Last Seen Time:

Hiding Last Seen Time

This Feature can prevent the others from seeing your last seen . That is the particular user can not see when was the last time you were online. This feature will allow the other user to not see your last seen. But, one can also can not able to see other’s last seen as well. This can be done by Go to Settings> Account> Privacy>Last Seen.

4. Format Messages:

Format Messages

We can also format or edit our own message typed in simple form. The simple message letters can be modified. By selecting the whole text we can format the text and select whichever formatting option we want to use . We can select- bold, Strike-through, translate , italic or mono-space.

5. Typing Hands –Free:

Typing Hands –Free

Hands-free typing is one of the interesting feature to have in Whatsapp. As the individual can get the help of Siri or Google Assistant to type any message hands-free. The user simply has to speak the name of the individual whom he want to send any message. And then speak the message and it would be sent within a moments.

6. Mark Chats Unread:

Mark Chats Unread

By marking chats unread , it is easier for the user. If he has not enough time to reply then by the use of this feature the user can select this option and the read messages will be marked as “ Unread” and when the next time he opens the app , the messages would be displayed in unread form.

7. Email Entire Conversations:

Email Entire Conversations

The user can mail the entire conversations . This is not very used but is preferred if the user wants to send the whole conversation to some another person. This can be done by just selecting the chat and then click on “ Email Chat”.

8. Limit Data Usage:

Limit Data Usage

The user can limit the data usage by using the feature “ Limit Usage”. This feature helps one to decide whether he wants to download the media file automatically or through the mobile connection or the WiFi. This feature can help the user the use the limited data efficiently and further the user can use the app for long time when much less data rate .

9. Customise Notifications:

Customise Notifications

By using this feature the individual can customise notifications. It means that if the user specifically want someone’s messages to notify him. Then he may use this feature of Custom Notifications. One more thing the Individual can do is selecting the type of Notification tone he want for the particular individual.

10. Pin Conversations:

Pin Conversations

The Pin conversations feature allows the individual to pin up to three contacts and groups . By pinning conversations the user would be able to see the pinned contacts or chats on the top of the Whatsapp conversation list.

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