What are the shopping items that I can buy from Gangtok?

Gangtok is a municipality city and famous because it is the largest town in India. As a result, most of the people prefer Gangtok for shopping because there you may find highly demanded items. However, Gangtok is famous for its fully safest and cleanest environment. Its headquarter is situated in the district of East Sikkim. In the Himalayan range, Gangtok is situated.

Meanwhile, most of us are not fully aware that the Gangtok is included in the 22 largest state of India. The city is full of various sightseeing and natural beauty, additionally, its pleasant weather can attract the visitor and draw a massive number of the visitor as well. Through the world highest mountain Himalaya, you can view the white snow that is capped in the mountain. Those visitors who come for spending their vacations can enjoy the wonderful flora, hilly trunk or fauna to rebuild and refresh their mind.

Gangtok has an unforgettable and remarkable existence for travelers and due to this, most of the travelers are prefer this place for holidays spending. It’s important that you must visit Hanuman Tok, Nathula Pass, Namgyal Institute, Flower Exhibition Centre, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Sikkim Research Institute of Tibetology, Phurchachu Hot Springs, Phurchachu Hot Springs, Himalayan Zoological Park, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary or Tsuk La Khang Monastery when you are in the Gangtok city.

What can you take from Gangtok as a memory?

Nowadays, the most delightful shopping destination is considered as the Gangtok because it is the city of diverse culture, so create some memory that is remembered for your lifetime. You can plan your vacations with your friends and family.

Meanwhile, Gangtok is considered as the most important destination for tourist shopping because it is the city of diverse cultures. The best part is tourist can create some memory because there is a big demanded list for tourist. So, if a person plans something like visiting with their friends and family then it is recommended to choose only Gangtok.

However, most of the people choose this city for shopping, there are Gangtok Lal Bazar, Kanchenjunga shopping Complex, and many shopping Malls.

In short, the Gangtok is included in the most adventurous and loving place in the history, as a result, people prefer to move forward only in this city. At the time of traveling what you need to buy is the basic question? Here are the famous things of Gangtok for tourist shopping:

‘Canvas and wall hanging

It reflects the tribal and historical background that is made up of various color and the amazing thread. The Canvas and wall hanging is the best masterpiece for your living room because it brings the charming effect to your living room.

Tibetan Carpets

It represents the traditional look of arts and crafts. For your living room, this is the best masterpiece because it gives an amazing traditional look. There are many designs in the Tibetan Carpets, so it depends on you that what you choose the most.

‘Dragon sets with gold polish

Due to its extra exotic curved design, it is famous throughout the India and tourist come to get their Dragon sets with gold as well as a silver polisher. So, it is the best recommendation to buy your own dragon set.

Sikkim tea

Everyone loves to drink tea, as it is included in the most traditional drink of Gangtok because the weather is too cool there. People drink two to three times tea in one day. One in the morning, second in the evening and third in the night. If you are a tea lover, then it is the best recommendation buy only Sikkim tea for your friends and family.

Alpine cheese

Today, everybody loves cheese. Meanwhile, it is the collaboration between Swiss and India. So, if you are a cheese lover must try the famous Alpine cheese of Gangtok. Definitely, you will inspire with the Alpine cheese.

Black cardamom

Another name of Black cardamom is Sikkim black Cardamom, due to its taste and flavor, everybody inspires because it comes in the Bengali term. However, if you are a cooking lover then it is the best gift for you. Also, you can bring this for your anty and mom as a gift.

Fresh bamboo shoots

Today, it is very difficult to find this because it is very delicious and a person faces difficult to find Fresh bamboo shoots. Meanwhile, in the Gangtok, you can easily find Fresh bamboo shoots and can make a delicious dish. This is the perfect dish for all foodies who just want to eat something delicious.

Hand-woven jackets

You may find jackets easily but you can’t able to find the traditional one. So, if you love to wear something traditional then choose Gangtok shopping mall for buying the Hand-woven jackets. When you choose to buy this jacket then defiantly you can assume the tradition of the Gangtok state.

‘Semi-precious stones and silver jewelry’

Every woman loves jewelry and if a woman gets the popular traditional jewelry she can definitely love to wear. Gangtok is famous for silver and stone jewelry. So, if you visit this place then buy ‘Semi-precious stones and silver jewelry for your friends and family. It’s like the best gift for your beloved one.


It represents the value of Tibetan Buddhists culture that is mostly found to make person monetarized like they are blessed and holy. Just because it represents the traditional Buddhists cultural value.


It is the most famous design of Tibetan and also represents the traditional look. When you bring this you can represent your traditional house.

Hand-carved wooden tables

This is really an unbelievable handiwork that represents the local value of Gangtok state. So, if you bring the traditional look in your home then bring the ‘Hand-carved wooden tables. It is made up of rani cheap, other or tooni.

Jams and Juices

According to your taste bring the juices and jam that is made up of fresh fruits. So, if you love juices and jam then bring it.

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