Delhi gets free WiFi, broadband under ‘Smart City’ project

On 13 August, Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister launched new Smart City host projects. After some delay, finally, the citizens will able to enjoy high-speed broadband or Wi-Fi in any part of the capital. It’s a Smart City project, in which everybody can enjoy the free Wi-Fi facility throughout the nation.

At the time of launching the ceremony of free hi-speed and Wi-Fi projects in the Connaught place, the Home Minister said the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) set a unique example for following other cities. For Indians, it is the biggest opportunity to get benefits from the internet

The Union Home Minister is also launching other projects with the two high connectivity projects like the high-speed broadband or Wi-Fi under the initiative of the Centre’s Smart City. In other projects, there is including an ideation centre, a solar tree, smart poles, two hi-tech nurseries, Amdedkar Vatika, 50 LED interactive screens, two litter picking machines, 10 auto tippers or the four mechanical road sweepers.

In the inauguration event that is held in the Charkha Park, there is also the contribution of the Railways Manoj Sinha, State Minister of communications, or the Anil Baijal, who is the Lieutenant Governor of Dehli. Sinha said while speaking on this occasion that it was feeling proud that the Smart City Mission and Digital India Initiative were integrated and launched by the MTNL or NDMC in a joint venture.

While reporting with the IANS, Sinha said that today, everybody’s life is fluctuating between offline and online status and by looking this the government of India is providing the reliable internet network facility, which is presented by the optical fiber broadband.

While speaking on the behalf of the inaugural event, Baijal suggested in the city, the parking management need to be integrated with the vacancies of information in the nearby space for parking. Furthermore, he added that over speeding violations, the Red light mechanism report is simply recorded by the Smart poles, along with the complaint of female distress or e-FIRs in the smart infrastructure that is recorded on the behalf of the Digital Display Panel

Looking back in June, the 11-member committee is formed by the Delhi government that is consisting Delhi police, PWD or the power of state government. Meanwhile, the IT department and home minister are providing free Wi-Fi projects that are under working projects.

What are the specific benefits of getting High-speed Wi-Fi and internet service?

Wi-Fi is a wireless broadband technology that plays an important role in our life. Without using a Wi-Fi connection our life is incomplete because we mostly task is connected with the internet. From the moment digital data is transmitted over the Internet over a wireless network, it is possible that they are easily intercepted.

Several methods of securing the Wi-Fi network are applicable so that the user can determine who can use his network, and who is not. We distinguish globally 3 techniques that are WPA, WEP or Mac address.  Here are some important benefits of getting Hi-speed internet:

Saving time

Imagine If you work 8 hours a day, it’s half a day that you are connected with internet. The very high-speed internet definitely saves time. When you think that on average, we spend more time using devices than sleeping, the argument, then you can evaluate the importance of the internet.

As you no longer have to wait for the internet to display the requested page, you are also less distracted. Faster internet access will allow you to focus on many things at a time, so you can save your time.

Saving money

Some people think that the price of Internet packages is prohibitive. But these Internet subscriptions are offered for this price, there is a reason for a technical and not marketing of the Wi-Fi brand. This quality of internet connection will save your time and money. So, it’s important to choose the best internet facilities.

Your whole team will be more productive! Just ask yourself a solid question, at the time you lose internet connection, then what internet-related problems you faced? Defiantly you will get the answer.


Having a reliable internet connection means you don’t need to worry about the unexpected. With a symmetrical fiber rate, receiving files or sending files task is done in a shortage of time because the high speed internet facility is different it is not unlike the traditional internet.

The Cloud

Cloud computing has evolved rapidly in recent decades. It can offer processing power that does not depend on your machines. An old PC can perfectly suit if you have a high-speed internet facility.

However, sending and receiving files from remote servers consumes a lot of bandwidth. Feel free to reduce your investments in hardware and local storage in the high speed of internet connection.

More devices, more heavy files

Over the last 15 years, the average download volume has increased 200 times, and the trend is clear: it will grow more and more. With the development of HD content, the video will soon reach nearly 70% of online content. The appearance of virtual reality or the proliferation of increasingly efficient devices will inexorably imply a growing need for very high-speed internet.

All these reasons mean that you should not wait to change your internet plan and choose a very high-speed internet offer. Get ahead of the competition, network technology and connection speed are designed to be easily scalable that is based on customer needs.

Specifically, WiFi is useful for the freedom it offers to users. Awesome and unsightly cables are no longer needed to enjoy the joys of high-speed. In practice, Wi-Fi meets the needs of mobile Internet users: it allows to connect laptops, desktops, PDAs and mobile devices to a broadband connection or devices. However, electronic communicating is possible within a radius of several meters indoors and several hundred meters outside. While in a few months India will enjoy the benefits of fast internet and Wi-Fi facility that is totally free.

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