Main aspects when India customs becomes as the international head

On 16, 2018 India become the Vice Chair of the World Customs Organization (WCO) in the Asia Pacific region. The period ends in two years till the date of 20 July to June 2020. The inaugural ceremony theme is “Customs – Fostering trade Facilities”. Now India has any responsibility because of handling leadership.

What are the basic role of India as a WCO leader?

  • Through e-commerce, Indian can easily take hold of all the cross-border trade
  • The role of custom administration
  • Efficiency in facilitation and security
  • India can help WCO with the help of the exponential growth of e-commerce
  • Parcel handling barrage, which is cross the border
  • Deliver high and low volume shipments
  • Maintain the facilitation and facility of cross-border trade

What is the basic role of WCO?

The World Customs Organization are representing over 182 customs administration throughout the globe, which is approximately 98% of the world trade.  However, there are six regions of WCO membership:

  1. Europe
  2. North America. South America, the Caribbeans or Central America
  3. South, Far East, South East Asia, Pacific Island, Australia
  4. Central and West America
  5. Southern and East Africa
  6. Near or the Middle East, North America

The above are the six regions, which represent by the elected vice chairperson in the council of WCO. Globally, WCO is the only one organization center of customs expertise.

Some specific details about the event:

The event is basically attended by delegation customs of 33 countries in which Asia Pacific region, partner of government agencies, Customs officers of India or trade representative.  The customer heads from Fiji or Japan, also the senior officials from China, Korea, Singapore or any other participants.

The mission of UN peacekeeping:

From previous, India was passing as the active volunteer in the International organization or other UN.  Almost, India participated in 43 mission of peacekeeping with more than the troops of about 160,000, also the innumerable personal policies are given.

India can become the third TCC (troop contributed) in 2014, through personal deployed of 7860 with ten mission of UN peacekeeping. Satish Nambiar is appointed by the United Nation as a first Head Mission of the UNPROFOR, or the Head of Mission is Jai Shanker.

International Solar Alliance:

The headquarter of the first International Solar Alliance (ISA) is in India, at the NISE (National Institute of Solar Energy). Now India can become the first Inter-governmental or international organization for more than 121 countries, as the partner of strategic of UN.

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