Why is the whole of northern India including Punjab is under dust? What is this dust?

In this rare dust and summer when President of Punjab has gone on vacation and the President of India is showing yoga practice on green grounds, people of Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan, including Punjab, are finding it difficult to breathe. There is a scorching wind on the entire region It is difficult to breathe, and anything that is standing outside, whether it is a car, a scooter, a bicycle or a cloth etc., everything is growing thick layer of soil. But what is the real reason behind this question, it is still not being told -Just instructions and directives are being issued by the governments and the whole issue is being declared natural anti-depressant and is going away from their responsibility. While it is not a natural harassment, it is a wrath-ridden tragedy

Where did this dust come from?

Sometimes the dust comes from the Gulf countries in this region, where the number of sand storms has increased in the past due to malnutrition of water and land. Occasionally these rises in the fields due to the burning of the stove in the fields But this attack of the current dust has happened from Rajasthan side At present, Afghanistan and Pakistan are experiencing heat due to which the north-east wind is flowing very fast. For centuries, these high winds used to cover the green mountains of the Aravali Purbattala, in these regions of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, these dusty We used to protect the wind from the wind This is the Aravali series which has contributed to preventing excesses of the Thar Desert to Delhi and Haryana. But in this region, the whole series has changed in the last decade or two, due to the competition of capitalism and profiteering.

Large scale and illegal mafia have crushed the mountains of these Aravali ranges and their height has decreased continuously, in the turmoil of extinction of illegal miners, lime stone, silica, red clay etc.. Its lush green trees, which have been violating the winds of the wind, have now been cut down on a large scale; Due to large explosions made for mining, there are non-replenishable cisterns.The official agency is the 2017 CAG According to the report, in the last five years, only 98.87 lakh minerals have been illegally discharged from the Aravali range in Rajasthan. And this is happening at the hands of Haryana governments, for the benefit of large real estate capitalists and mining mafia. And most of these projects are also approved by the Central Environment Ministry and the Forest Department.

Seeing the behavior of a generation, profiteering has made such a huge difference to the nature and now the results of the common people are being fulfilled. Sara Ulhama has been thrown on ordinary people – stay inside houses, do not wear candles, keep houses clean, carry masks, etc. But this truth is not being taken to the common people, These mischief have been done by these capitalists and their backing governments!

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