Industry and Analytics Institute; does the collaboration works?

In India, the demand for data and analytics professionals has been increasing rapidly. While recognizing the growth of the industry, data-oriented programs, data science or analytics training institution have developed rapidly in India.  The cutting-edge programs are quite close with the industries like Genpact, IBM, SAS or Tech Mahindra.

Meanwhile, this kind of studies is aimed to pace the courses, which are offering the experience of learning different professionals. The basic purpose of introducing these program is to meet the requirements of data scientists or data analysts. From the past year, online learning program is introduced, they also provide a chance to learn about the upskill, or the mentored the opportunity of industry veterans.

IBM or different career Education programs:

Currently, legacy is teaching Genpact or IBM for the collaboration of learning education that can increase the superior analytics or industry linkage. Today, in India, IBM has more than 50 partners in which universities or colleges are included. The setup of Armonk tech titan has a software capability, also enhancing a board layer for enhancing the skills of business analytics. However, IBM is now set up Analytics lab of business in the college or universities, also that have equipped with the relevant software of IBM. The primary purpose of introducing the IBM is to enhance the business or analytical skills. So, more people are expert and train with faculty members.

SAS Academic program of India:

Premier Indian B-school is another example of academic programs like IIM, IIM-L, NMIMS and many other collaborations with the advancements of business analytics or the content of co-designing courses. The technology is driven for the purpose of getting more experience. Additionally, students get the written experience on SAS software.

There are different strategies in the leading analytics, as a result, talent acquisition program is held for finding the top talent in the field of IT while partnering the universities or colleges. Several universities, colleges or premier B-school have lack of analytical lab, teachers, infrastructures, talents, right curricula or proper facilities of education in India. Today, many educational institutes are not rising the meeting demands.

A lead reforming educational initiative is introduced by India:

When the partnership is held with different analytics, school or institute just for providing skills also customized the learning avenues. There is a board of analytics solutions available that expose the students or software proprietary. Through internally, many companies like Microsoft, SAP are running the training programs, which promotes the thinking, or skills.

According to one report, data and statistical analysis are included in the top skills, which is very important for future aspects. From the study of AICTE, many alarms are ringing throughout the country in India. Just to stem the skill gap, there is a massive planning which is created by the Ministry of Human Resources of India, is in the sector of engineering education.

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