Gift a Plastic Pollution free Environment to your Children

In the earth Plastic pollution is one of the serious problems. that has a lot of negative clash on the environment.

Plastic is commonly used in our daily life. Plastic is commonly used in homes, shopes,offices and environment in different products.  The amount of garbage disposal is also increasing daily with the use of plastic products.

To reduce the plastic pollution plastic products can be recycled or used again and again. Plastic is a polymeric material that can be easily shaped or molded. It is derived from the polymers present in the natural materials like plants, minerals, oil, coal and natural gas. Polymers are a large group of monomers linked together by a chemical process called Polymerization. Synthetic and natural are the two types of polymers used to make plastics. Plastics are also made from t petrol, coal, oil and natural gas. Plastics contain hydrocarbons and other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, sulphur and chlorine. There are two types of plastic:

Thermoplastic: Thermoplastic is a plastic material its shape can changed at specific temperature. Some thermoplastic have high weight.

Thermoplastic can be used in the manufacture of CD and DVD, Plastic models of cars and boats. Other examples of thermoplastics are such as plastic bottles for water, Shampoo bottles, kettles, Toasters and children toys.

There are different types of thermoplastic are as follows:-

  • Polyethylene terephthalate –PET
  • High-density polyethylene – HDPE
  • Low-density polyethylene – LDPE
  • Polystyrene – PS
  • Polypropylene-PP

Thermosetting Plastic: Thermosetting plastic are mainly hard Plastic. Main Disadvantages of thermosetting plastic where it is melted or heated it cannot be back in to liquid form. Thermosetting Plastic is widely used in Electric switches, light fitting and handles

Properties of plastics: The plastic has following properties

  • Easy to mold or shape
  • Transparent and are available in different colors
  • Plastics are solid- may be amorphous, crystalline or semi-crystalline solids
  • Good durability
  • Has low density
  • Good electrical insulators
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Low production cost
  • Water proof

Causes of plastic pollution

  • Over-usage of plastic bags for shopping
  • Disposal of plastic products such as glasses.
  • Burning of plastic products
  • More use of plastic toys
  • Use of plastic cups, bottles, spoon, containers, etc.
  • Failure of recycling and reusing of plastic products

To control plastic pollution- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These three things are always followed.

  1. Bring your own shopping bag.
  2. To reduce your plastic waste
  3. Use reused Bottles and cups.
  4. Use cloth diapers
  5. Bring your own containers
  6. Participate in a Beach or River Cleanup.
  7. Stop buying water.
  8. Stop buying water.
  9. Purchase items secondhand.
  10. Clean green
  11. Donot use ofmultiple plastic bottles of tile cleaner, toilet cleaner and window cleaner.

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