1st poster of Kangana’s Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi out

Manikarnika, Kangana Ranaut’s movie released their first poster on 15 August 2018. Kangana Ranaut is playing the role of “The Queen of Jhansi” in the Manikarnika movie. Specifically, for the celebration of independence day, the poster was released on the market just for recall the spirits of warriors. The movie recalls the freedom fighters that is an important figure in 1857 (the time of Indian rebellions).

Though Kangana Ranaut’s dress the audience came to know that it is the battle movie against the British. The dress is a kind of Rani Laxmi Bai of the poster. However, the poster shows the craziness of battle against the British because Kangana wrapped her kid in the back and her expression shows fierce on her face.

Sonu Sood, Atul Kulkarni or Ankita Lokhande are playing the pivotal role in this movie. Meanwhile, Ankita Lokhande is playing the Jhalakbari bai’s character.

Review of Kangana regarding her movie

During a recent event, Kangana spoke in detail about her outfits in the film. Kangana said, in a part of Manikarnika when I am married to my character and is in a happy space, the outfits make me so beautiful.

Furthermore, she said that every day, when I got dressed and went to the set, I received so many compliments. But then, the film enters a war zone and my eyes are those for a warrior queen.

Also, she said that there are so many nuances of my character in the movie. As the name suggests, the film is a fighting story and also the most difficult part of my life: learning combat skills, fighting with the sword, riding I had several accidents, I almost lost my life playing this character, it’s as hard as possible.

Some specific things about the movie:

It’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film that is releasing soon. After the hit of Padmavati, the audience also waiting for the Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika because in this movie the audience will see a spirit, war and the fighting with British warriors. While looking its first poster the audience are dying to see the full movie.

It’s an epic biological film that is based on the life of the Rani Laxmibai. The film is produced by the Zee Studio in the association of Nishant Pitti and Kamal Jain. The schedule of this film released on April 27, 2018, but it was postponed on January 2019.

Basic information about the movie:

Directed byKrish
Produced byZee Studios Kamal Jain Nishant Pitti
Written byK. V. Vijayendra Prasad (Story)
StarringKangana Ranaut Ankita Lokhande Sonu Sood Vaibhav Tatwawaadi
Music byShankar–Ehsaan–Loy
CinematographyGnana Shekar V.S.
Edited bySuraj Jagtap Rama Krishna Arram
Production companyKairos Kontent Studios & EaseMyTrip

History of The Queen of Jhansi:

Lakshmi Bai (between 1828 and 1834), the principality of Jhansi in northern India is a heroine of the revolt of Cipayes, a war of independence and resistance to British colonization.

Lakshmi Bai was born in Varanasi (northern India) in November, between 1828 and 1834. She comes from a wealthy family of senior officials and receives an excellent education. When she is four years old, her mother dies and Manikarnika is raised in the Peshwa court (prime minister) where her father is a counselor.

In India where the succession of adoptive sons is a tradition, this annexation appears as an injustice. Lakshmi sends a petition to Dalhousie and then went to London.

On June 8, 1857, employees of the British East India Company are killed by soldiers without rank and Lakshmi is accused of the massacre. Her role in this event is still unclear but false testimony and documents could have been created discredit.

Lakshmi Bai then assembled an army of 14,000 volunteers, men, and women, to strengthen the walls of Jhansi. The city is attacked by the British in March 1858 and the battle is quite a bloody. After two weeks of siege, a treason allows the British to enter the city and perpetrate four days of looting, arson, and massacre. At least four to five thousand fighters were reportedly executed during this punitive expedition.

Lakshmi managed to flee the city at night, with his adopted son and some guards. In the space of a day, she crosses the desert and travels a hundred and fifty kilometers to reach the fortress of Kalpi where rebel troops remain. She manages to convince the leaders to resume the fight and leads several offensives. In Gwalior, the rebels take the city and the fortress before the British arrive on June 17, 1858. Lakshmi Bai leads the troops in combat, in arms, and in men’s clothing, but the siege is this time fast and she dies in combat June 18, 1858.

Cast of the movie:

  • Kangana Ranaut as Rani Laxmibai
  • Jisshu as Gangadhar Rao
  • Atul Kulkarni as Tatya Tope
  • Sonu Sood as Sadashiv
  • Suresh Oberoi as Peshwa Bajirao
  • Vaibhav Tatwawaadi as Puran Singh
  • Ankita Lokhande as Jhalkaribaii[

What was the main cause of the warrior?

On the death of Raja Gangadhar Rao, his wife Queen Rani of Jhansi acted as regent on behalf of their adopted son Damodar Rao but following the doctrine of preemption.

The Governor-General Lord Dalhousie decided some specific steps, while Gangadhar Rao has left, the state of Jhansi is annexed by the British East India Company, rejecting the claims of Damodar Rao as heir of law. The Lakshmi Bai sends a petition to Dalhousie, then calls in London, but without success.

Refusing to renounce his kingdom, Lakshmî Bai brings together in the midst of the revolt as a volunteer army of 14,000 peoples and improved the defenses of the city which is attacked by the British on March 25, 1858, under the command of Sir Hugh Rose. The battle of Jhansi is fierce, in which men and women participate in repelling and the Jahnsi leads her troops for the defense of the city that ends up falling after two weeks of siege.

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