India get the Licenses from the United States for Dual-Tech

Recently, the Indian Defense Industry get a proper import license for technology or US dual-use items. Through sources, it came to know that these items are only for applicable, also Indian manufacturer can use this item.

After the hectic year of negotiation, India joined the US allies group, in which included NATO allies’ majorities for becoming the club part, so companies get 90% equipment or defense technology, however, all of them are for dual use, which is specifically supplied by the defense industry or US governments.

A specific source told that it’s a defense partnership of the Holy Grail with the US. Although in 2016, two years back, we got the status of Major Defense Partner, we start working on the negotiating from a half year ago. Also, a strong political message about this partnership that it is quite a big leap and the robust provide a signal about this situation.

Currently 36 countries are included in the South Asian countries list, however, the other Asian countries are designated as more as the STA-1 like South Korea or Japan.

STA-1 is providing the greater opportunity for the supply chain to India. Efficiency, both high tech products or defense will increase the export system from the US. Every year 9.7 billion USD of products affected, due to leakage of inconvenience.

Dealing with Import Licenses:

For the purpose of import, the Indian defense industry can license for technology and US dual-use items. Meanwhile, the sources also said that the equipment is not available for sale purpose, these are just here for personal use, as well as this thing can be applicable for Indian manufacture. For the US, this could be an open door agreement and also for Indian or other foreign companies, which is strictly prohibited under the US law.

On September 6, there are 2+2 dialogues that are between the US foreign, Indian or the defense minister. Meanwhile, this could be a major takeaway because Indian is potential for realizing its designation. India comes to the third Asian country, after South Korea or Japan and for availing this opportunity, India comes under the STA-1 (Strategic Trade Authorization) list.

Meanwhile, in the first list of STA, there are 36 countries and the major is NATO or US allies, overall there is four export of multilateral regimes. Every year, the new strategy is made just to evaluate the new theories of STA, it’s a status, which generally allows buying the sensitive or advanced technologies from the US.

Meanwhile, in one statement, Wilbur Ross US commerce secretary tell about the new designation which reflects about the membership of India, as well as the development of the export system.

Furthermore, the US commerce secretary added that the US companies are more efficiently export their product to the Indian military or high technology customers. The new status of India will be more beneficial while protecting its national security continuously.

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