How to crack window 7 password without any software

If you loss your PC window 7 password so don’t worry. Crack window 7 is tough task but this awesome trick help you. Please follow this steps carefully.

  1. Firstly turn on your computer then type your password if it shows wrong passwords then click on restart button after that your computer will be restart for few minutes. When your computer is on then again restart your computer so complete this process two or more times when this below window will be shown.

Then click on first option Launch startup Repair(Recommended).

  • After that window files are loadling this message will be shown on your computer’s screen.
  • After this step System repair setup will be open.

Wait for 2-3 minutes after that Do you want to restore your computer by system restore. Then click on cancel button.

Three options will appear on your computer screen

1.send information about this problem (Recommended)

2.Don’t Send

3.View problem details

Click on the third option view problem details

Click on the third link x://windows//system32/en:userroffips.txt.

Notepad file will be open.go to the file option and click on open button.Then your computer all drives will be open.

Go the Local disk C. Click on the folder name windows then goto the system32 file in this folder. Please open this file then go to the utilman.exe file please rename this file for example utilman1.and copy the cmd file in this folder then click on the cancel button and close the notepad file and also close the startup repair setup then message will be on your screen are you sure you want to exit the setup repair and restart your computer. Click on Yes option after that your computer will be shutdown for few mintues.Then open  cmd window on your computer or laptop.Type” control Passwords2 “on your command prompt and press enter .Then go  to the administrator pannel and reset yor password.

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