10 Best Medicine Shopping App in India 2018

Online shopping has become a trend these days. People love to book services on phone rather than leaving their home and going to the local store. Along with the transportation app like UBER, there are many other shopping apps are being operated in India. According to statistics currently, more than 60 healthcare apps are present in India.

With an Online medicine app, you can buy medicines at home. Simply upload the picture of your prescription and they will deliver your medicines at home. You do not need to leave your comfortable couch simply order it and get it in a short time.

There is another good news as well. Many apps and websites are offering sound discount offer to increase their customers. So, do not waste your energy move anywhere.  Upload the picture of your prescription and get your medicines immediately.

Top 10 Medicine app in India:

Following is the breakdown of top 10 online medicine apps in India. You can choose any one of them according to your requirement.

  1. EMedStore:

EMedStore owns a drugstore. They provide one stop shop solution for all medical needs. They have all authorized medicines. You can easily access their website and app. They have a fast delivery system. They also remind you when you need to refill your medicine. Being in the top 10 it is considered a good medicine app. They generally provide their services 24/7. Payment is done through credit card or bet banking. This pharmaceutical store is customized from time to time according to Government instructions and requirements.

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  1. SmartMedics

SmartMedics can be used to consult doctors and order medicines from different healthcare centers. They claim to offer a 22% discount on every health care product. You can contact them from any city in India. You can either call them or book your order via mobile app or website. SmartMedics deliver your order in approximately 48 hours.

Well, they are not offering any sort of delivery charges. Minimum order starts from 100Rs. Payment method is quite simple, you can either pay via cash on delivery or use your credit card.

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  1. BrownPacket

BrownPacket is recently giving their services in Patna, Delhi, and Bangalore. You can book your order from any city. They claim to deliver your order in minimum two hours to a maximum of 48 hours.  They offer amazing discounts up to 22%.

What you need to do is just upload a picture of your prescription. Do not forget to upload delivery requirements as well. BrownPacket does not own a single drug store. They are inviting many health care centers and pharmacies to expand their network.

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  1. Yodawy

Yodaway is one of the most popular in Egypt. It has joined hands with more than 500 local pharmacies. This company gives facility to access their website and app from any city of India. Just spell it right and you can access it easily.

You can upload your prescription in handwritten form. There are certain describers’ available at the app to rearrange prescription in readable form.  Yodway is considered the Best medicine shopping app in Egypt.

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  1. WeChemist

WeChemist provides rapid delivery service. They claim to deliver your order within 2 hours. Along with this they also give many discounts offers to make their app attractive for users. Just upload your prescription picture.Add your address and calm down. Within no time your medicines will be at your place. Payment methods are simple and clear you can either pay via credit card or pay cash on delivery.

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  1. BookMeds

BookMed is a medicine and medical tool supplier as well. They deliver medicines and all sort of medical tools like mother and baby care products, fitness products, hospital equipment, protein, and sterilization devices as well. You can either directly call them or access their mobile app. They provide a great variety of medical tools. Their service covers 600 pin codes its covering all major cities in India including Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Indore, Kolkata, Patna and many other rural areas as well. This app is operated on all IOS and Android devices. You will take your order in approx four hours.

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  1. Myra Medicines

Myra Medicines is an authentic app to order medicines online. They generally deliver your order within 15 minutes. They offer up to 15% discount on all medicines. You have to upload the picture of your prescription their authorized pharmacists will verify the quality of prescription and then pass your order. On delivery, they stamp hard copy of the prescription to verify its validity. You can access them through iOS and Android.  You can either pay cash on delivery or use the credit card as well.

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  1. Pluss

Pluss is an easy to use medicine app in India. This app was designed in 2015 and was operated I only Gurgaon at that time. Now they have expanded their serviceable area. Now, this app is operated I all major cities of India including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Delhi as well. They claim to deliver your order within 24 hours of order and within 2 hours in functional regions. The app includes zero delivery or shipping charges. There is no least or maximum limit of medicines. Along with ordering online, you can also visit them to buy medicines directly. They verify uploaded prescription. They provide quality medicines with suitable discount offers. You can order ayurvedic medicines, mother and baby care products as well.

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  1. Inayo

This is considered one of the fastest medicine apps in India. They tend to deliver your order within 90 minutes. You can reach them via WhatsApp, website or the mobile app as well. They usually charge for delivery. But there are no delivery charges above 200Rs.

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  1. 1mg:

1mg is not just a medicine app it’s a comprehensive health care app with this app you can order your medicines as well as get more info regarding your medicines. They will also tell you about the side effects of your medicine. This app is operated in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi–NCR, Chennai, and Mumbai as well. You can order your medicine from every corner of India. They claim to provide quality medicines at most suitable prices.

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