Angriya Indian Cruise: Travel through sea from Mumbai to Goa

Sea lover can now travel from Mumbai to Goa through Indian Cruise. Travelling through sea is interesting as well as expansive. Travelling from Mumbai to Goa costs you around 7000 which costs more than other transportation services such as Train or by air.

On Wednesday evening, Indian first passenger cruise was launched in a city of dreams, Mumbai. Angriya was the name of the first passenger Indian cruise. Angriya departure from Mumbai newly constructed domestic terminal and moved towards Goa.

Price for Travelling in Indian cruise:

The expensive premium services provided by Indian Cruise costs you around 7000 starting charges. Compare to other these charges are much high.

ServicesStarting Upto
Cruise7000/-Depend upon Services

What costs of 7000 include?

While enjoying a fabulous journey of Mumbai to Goa coastline, you will get two times meal under this cost. Using the swimming pool is absolutely free inside the cruise. Including necessary information staff also provides you the historical importance of region around travelling.

Timing for the Cruise:

Yet the cruise is on trial. It departure from Mumbai at 5pm on Wednesday and travel around 16 hours to reach at Goa i.e. near about 9 am of the next day.

Interior layout and services:

Angriya has a luxurious interior with best room and other services. A total of eight restaurants are there which is surrounded by coffee shops, league, summing pool and a recreational room. With the ammonization of 350 passengers you can also organize weeding parties in Indian cruise. Corporate meeting can also be held at this cruise.

Room Prices:

Company still organizes the meeting to decide the final price for different kind of rooms in ship. Charges may vary according to the services provided by cruise. But the minimum cost should start from 7000.

Govt. Plans to boost tourism through cruise:

As Goa comes under famous tourist place and cover 25% of tourist alone in 2017. With the growing pace, cruise tourism become popular in Mumbai. But you need a heavy pocket to travel. Govt. try to provide employment to huge number of people in the Indian Cruise. Private sectors also come forward to get the benefits.

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