What’s going in the Edgbaston Test? Kohli speak out in front of the public

India is preparing for moving to Edgbaston, Birmingham for the five series test match against the England team, however, Indian team captain Virat Kohli choose to pick a card, in which the playing term is chosen.

England already announced about their XI playing for the game. In a press conference, Virat Kohli was asked the biggest surrounding question about the visitors that who will have the opportunity to open the batting point?

Later on, the coach Ravi Shastri said, the main aspect is to make the top order for initial condition, as well as providing a better platform for pile the middle runs. Also, he said KL Rahul is the side third opener, which could come in the top four.

However, Kohli speaks out in front of reporters that it’s all about the guts of playing. You have to go ahead and feel what the management is actually feeling. Probably, it is true that in the cricket test, the team balancing is quite necessary and that will be discussed soon.

Once again, the Indian captain Virat Kohli, reiterated that he is not thinking to gain its personal number. In 2014, during the last tour toward England, he managed the game score that is 10 innings across the 14 runs.

The media expected to deliver the best experience of what Kohli want to express. In the previous day, when I didn’t know about the betterment, I read more because of relieving stress. But now, I really don’t have any idea that what is happening with me or not.

Is there any relieving fact about the test match?

The Indian captain, Virat Kohli, also added in their statement that his team is very active and have a good fluctuated of mind over the Test series and we generally hope to win the match. The players, who have limited overs series, have enough time to work hard and get into the condition.

When further asked about the test match, Kohli replied, he generally wants his team has become a favorite team. Also, he said, we focus on the small things, we generally need professionalism rather than feel like a favorite of the underdog. The bowlers also come with long way just like the last time they toured here. Our team is much happy when we go to depth in the bowling.

It’s important to understand the team cooperation that they help each other. We have to gain a lot of confidence after playing with SA. Meanwhile, there are a few difficulties when we have a test match between Australia or England. So every time, the Indian team comes with a different attitude, like no one has.

Furthermore, Virat Kohli tells about the mental aspects of the game, before playing with big series, it can become a difficult time. If you have still not see the XI game, then you need to watch first and take a review about the whole game.

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