Uber or OLA – which one is better and preferred by riders

You know what’s the coolest thing these days while planning for any small trip or outing? Yes, that is the cab booking. These systems are not very old but still, it has been made a very strong impact on our mind and in our comfort level too. The two rivalries have occupied the entire cab system, Uber or OLA.

People are often having verdicts about which one is better to choose. It is really difficult to believe for one that one company whose only product is one app. Yes, seriously. Here is only one app that is installed in users’ phones and laptop. The app further calls the taxies or you can say the cabs for you that are also not their own product.

The app installation comparison

As it has been cleared now, that they both somehow depend upon the apps altogether. The apps are installed in the gadgets and user uses and books the cab through their respective apps. Irrespective to the company whether it is Uber or Ola, the application is the soul of your ride.

There was one verdict that talks about the data of the users who have installed the app. There were individual reports that represent the Android users and iPhone users who have installed the individual apps. Here, OLA wins. The survey also talks about the large gap between the numbers of users who have installed any of two apps. While taking the data for iPhone users the gap is comparatively less.

The birth and growth

OLA was founded in the year 2011 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, the alumni of IIT Bombay. Since then, it was gradually making its presence. They have claimed to thrive in upcoming years most probably by 30 times’ superior to now. Operating well since its birth, but after around 2 years in the industry, one rival raises the head and that is Uber.

In 2013, Uber, founded by Travis Kalanick, began its operations in India. After that, it planned to invest around $ 1 Billion in India. Initially, it covers 26 cities for operations and started its blooming gradually. There is one more point to consider about the Uber is that it includes the autos too at its initial phase but after sometime they removed them.

In reference to the fares

They both are having offers and all for their customers. If we fairly have a glance over their charges here is a clear picture that Uber offers comparatively less charge to you. If you are booking any cab by OLA and then by any reason you have to cancel the ride. OLA charges the cancellation fee, although it depends upon how sooner you have canceled the current booking.

On the other hand, Uber has a free cancellation facility for their users. Moving forward to this, Uber has fewer rates in comparison to OLA. This is clear that low-cost means, lots of users will attract and use it. Thus, the Uber has gradually won the hearts and the usage rates as well. Moreover to this, people get automatically attached to the service which is offering something in comparatively less price. It is like a run-race for them to grab the cheap one and yet for the same or better quality.

Global presence

Ola is proceeding internationally for forming the partnership with Uber’s rivals. This further causes the loss to the Uber despite earning around $ 1.2 Billion. Ola had inked a pact with Didi, and also with Uber’s biggest competitor in the US, that is Lyft, allowing many users to seamlessly travel across China, US and Southeast Asia countries.

From the drivers’ point of views

Uber and Ola both have registered vehicles and drivers with them. But here are some considerable and comparative points for both the services –

  • OLA offers Rs. 8/- per km. to its drivers for normal or general cars and Rs. 12/- per km for Sedan like cars. On the other hand, Uber is paying a fixed amount Rs. 8/- per km. irrespective to the car. The rush of the city and traffic jam etc will be always a driver’s loss.
  • If a driver has registered itself in both the platform, they found Uber better as they receive more rides from that. Switching to any OLA ride in between can spoil their target achievement.
  • Drivers are finding the OLA registration easy in comparison to the Uber’s stringent registration procedure. Anyone can be an OLA cab driver, while you need to undergo with some critical and essential steps to register yourself as an Uber driver.
  • Drivers are finding the OLA passengers a little ruder as compare to the Uber passengers.
  • Ola sometimes gets affected badly in paying the drivers, while Uber pays perfectly to them. The drivers receive the payments perfectly in their account on every Thursday.

By the customers’ point of views

Whether it is about Uber or Ola, a customer can define the services in the best way. Here, breaking down a few considerable points to discuss –

  • Uber cars’ qualities are much better than the OLA ones, as they are constantly introducing the latest ones like Etios, Dzire and many more.
  • OLA share option works much better than the Uber ones. There are still many locations, where there is no UberPool option.
  • Uber is flexible with cash and Paytm payment. On the other hand, if you are having an OLA ride and you don’t have cash; they force you to join the OLA money.
  • As discussed above, about the critical registration procedure of drivers by Uber, this is very beneficial for users. The drivers are more professional, polite and courteous as well.
  • The user often faces the issues when they book any ride by OLA, the driver has canceled the ride. This problem is very common to OLA in comparison to the Uber service.
  • Many customers have claimed about OLA helpdesk services that they are poor service providers to their customers. There are no such issues in Uber.

Although there are many pros and cons of both the services, they both are gaining the attention. Not only the old users are having the rides with them but also the new users are getting attached on the everyday basis. Once, OLA claimed about getting 1 million requests in a single day. This is indeed a huge one that is defining the likings of the populations. Contrary to this, Uber is one which is growing popular, that may overcome the popularity of OLA. Actually, Uber services are acquiring the same drastically.

Wrapping them all

Summing up the entire discussion between Uber and OLA-service, they are still growing. These two are literally like two trawls that are taking fishes from many locations. This is hard to determine the best one from them. They both are constantly gaining hearts of the users. Yes, you might think that Uber is superior to OLA in many terms, but still, OLA has a larger number of app installed users. There is a larger number of total fleets in OLA, while the people are finding Uber more secure and genuine for rides as they offer fair pricing to them that is cheaper too.

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