Top Rated 5 News Apps for Android Users in India

The news is not just a hobby it’s an addiction for some people. People love to stay up to date with every news according to their interest. And it’s quite a good habit as well, staying up to date about all news on daily basis not only enhance your general knowledge but also polish your communication skills.

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world, number of people means more intelligence and more active number of brains I will like to mention here that do a keen research before using a mobile news application.

Make sure, the app you have selected is affiliated with an authentic news channel and provide every sort of news, not just a bunch of spices. In this article, I am going to share with you the list of best news app India 2018.  All of these apps are authentic, genuine and informative as well.

  1. NewsHunt:

NewsHunt is one of the best News apps for Android in India.  This news app accumulates news from different states and comes in different native languages including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.


Major news source of this app is newspapers. So it’s easy to stay up to date about each and every breaking news.  This app is available for windows phone, Android and iPhone as well. Go to Google play Store install NewsHunt and explore your mind with every bit of knowledge to want to have.

Talking about the authenticity of this app, this is India’s one of the widely used news app. People trust it because it never shows lame stories or contaminates news just to increase its ratings. NewsHunt is collaborating with trusted and popular newspaper of all states in India. People are showing a good response to it. So, there is nothing left to put a question mark on its quality and validity.

  1. Newsstand:

Newsstand is considered the most authentic news app not only in India but around the globe. This is a news-curator application collaborated with Google and the World Wide Web.

This app is only available for Android smartphones. You can easily access it through Google Play Store and APK format as well. If you are using Android 2.2 version or any latest version you can get this app easily.

Newsstand also contains a bar named as “My News”. You can select your favorite category of news and notifications from time to time.  This app also contains section “Lok Sabah 2014. So, stay up to date with whatever you like to do.

With these features, Newsstand is the best business news app in India. You can save any of the content. Watch videos and news offline whenever you get some free time.

  1. FirstPost News/ FirstPost:

FirstPost News is the mobile application of FirstPost. FirstPost is a strong news portal in India. This application is accessible from Androids, Windows phone, and iPhone as well.

Usually, News from First Post is quite authentic, no doubt they do not provide updated facilities like aforesaid apps. But being in top 5, they are working superbly.

You can watch videos, photos and read the news of your taste. Along with this, FirstPost facilitates the user by providing the latest blogs and articles regarding major development around the globe. You can personalize news of your concern in your favorites.

  1. The Hindu:

The Hindu is a famous newspaper in India. They have developed their official application with the same name. The Hindu is published by Kasturi & Sons. All news comes from an authentic source. This app can be installed on Windows phone, iPhone and Android.

This site is preferably recommended because The Hindu is a trusted newspaper in India. Display result of this app is great even works much faster in 2G. you can select a favorite section of news read them, watch photos and videos and ultimately can stay up to date by every happening around you.

Go to Google Play Store, type “The Hindu” and this app will pop out on the top.

  1. NDTV:

These days, the trend of watching new channels is increased rather than reading the newspaper; similarly, it’s hard to ignore news channel based application. NDTV is connectable with android, ios and windows phone as well.

With this app, you can watch live news, videos, latest blogs and much more. Another interesting thing is, you can also watch all TV shows of NDTV. So, by installing this app you will never miss your favorite shows.

If you like watching NDTV, then you will surely like this app. Because it’s the same thing just the screen becomes a bit small… Right?


We have researched keenly, reviews, history, performance and authenticity of each app. After that shortlisted these apps so, you can install one of them to have a brilliant experience. These are the best Indian news apps thus, don’t roam around when you the best in your aces

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