Electric Shock Received Through the Headphones in Yamunanagar

 A 22-year-old man was listening to music before he receive a electric shock from his headphones while his mobile phone was on the charging mode.

Thath Singh, 22 years old man, a resident of Pandyo village in Yamunanagar district, around 100 km from Chandigarh, died on Tuesday of the electric shock received through the headphones.

Police said that this mis-happening occur when the Patient put his phone on charging and started listening to music. That time, there was no electricity supply in his house. As he was listening to the music, the electricity supply was restored and he got an electric shock. he was referred to a hospital in Yamunanagar . However, the doctors could not save him.

His father, Sh. Krishan Lal said his son Thath Singh was listening to songs with  his haedphones at his room yesterday. There was no electricity supply and he had connected his mobile phone to the  mobile phone charger, “Suddenly electricity supply was continued and he suffered an electric shock,” Krishan Lal said.

He was rushed to Community Health Centre at Sadhaura, and was after sometime referred to Yamunanagar medical hospital.

“The youth was brought at CHC at near about 1.45 pm. .After postmortem at Civil Hospital, the body was today handed over to his family.

A friend of the deceased, Monti Barara said Thath Singh had dropped out of college in BA-2nd year. “He was working as a guard at Sadhaura grain market,” his friend Monti said, adding that he was preparing for police recruitment.

Mr. Vivek Sharma, head of Computer Science Department at Radaur, said not use mobile phone when it is connected with a mobile phone charger.

“All mobile phone companies suggests that one should not use cell phone while it is being charged,” he said. Hatesh Kumar, an instructor in the electronics department of Government ITI, says that the mobile charger changes the AC voltage to DC voltage, and supplies it further.

Mr. Hatesh Kumar said that,” The wire of the charger is made of copper. It can have AC voltage supply.”

He said due to the power cut, there are chances that there could have been a high voltage light suddenly and that the direct AC voltage supply passed through the charger as well which might have caused the phone and earphones to burst.

He further added that such cases are very rare. “One should not even make a call when the mobile phone is connected with the phone charger.

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