How to download and share facebook videos on whatsapp

As we know, we are living in the technology era and everything is revolving around the gadgets and gizmos. Nowadays everyone is aware of technology and internet. Facebook videos and whatsapp videos are the main sources of Information, Communication and Technology.  It is one of the most demanding social media where people can talk, chat, watch video etc. In this article we will discuss about the steps for download and share facebook videos as whatsapp videos.

Currently, facebook is paying more attention on the videos. It offers enormous options to save or adjust quality of the video. Although facebook has changed its various for the user benefits but still to download video from facebook is a major challenge. As facebook don’t allow you to download within the application so you have to borrow feature from other applications.  There are some software’s used to download facebook videos and share it on whatsapp videos. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Downvids: It is a simple tool to download videos from facebook. Paste the video URL in the box and choose quality using among number of options under select format drop down list and click on download. After this process, a new pop up will open and then again click on download button.
  2. FBDown: It is also an easy to use tool similar to Downvids. To download video, you just need to paste the URL. And hit download. It also offers other methods i.e. chrome extension which will automatically detect video you are watching and download it by clicking the button on the right-hand corner of the browser.
  3. SaveFrom: Basically this tool offers three ways to download videos from the facebook. It also works with other sites too such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Yandex and Break etc. Here first approach paste the URL and download facebook videos.  Second approach is Chrome Extension and last one is downloadable EXE app. You have to choose video quality before saving video in this app. For HD videos, it works in an excellent way.

Instead of these tools, KeepVid, Facebook Video Downloader and Private facebook videos are the other tools to download videos from facebook.

Let’s consider you are using Facebook Video Downloader tool. Main steps to share facebook videos are as follow:

  1. Download and Install FB Video Downloader.
  2. When you opened the app, it offers you facebook mobile website and login into your facebook account.
  3. It will work similar as on Google chrome or other browsers.
  4. While you are watching video, this app will offer you three options. Watch, download and cancel.
  5. You just have to choose download option to download particular video which you are watching into your storage device.
  6. Now you can share it with your friends over whatsapp or any other sharing media.
  7. Users with a rooted Android device and Xposed Framework can also use this method if they prefer not using the Facebook app.

In the nutshell, we can say that nowadays people have hectic schedule and their life is on wheel. So they need a source of entertainment so that can forget their worries for sometimes.  There are numbers of softwares are available to download facebook videos share on whatapp. It is a simple way to share video and make your people happy.

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