Child fitness must start from the initial School level

According to the expert’s report child fitness is the major issue in India. It must start at the school level and a matter of globally. World Health Organization said if we do not take care of the children from childhood so the various diseases attacked on him when they are in the 30s and 40s and it the most important and productive age of the man.

India is a second most populated country of the world it is a challenging situation for us. 5.74 to 8.82 children schools are obese in India according to the statistics from the Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism.

Meanwhile, a study published that 17 million children in India obese in 2015 by Pediatric Obesity Predicts. 97,000 children in India are suffering from type 1diabetes according to a report.

Sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habit are the two main problems of the child declining physical fitness. Obesity and diabetes is the main reason for fitness issues.

If you want to stop diabetes and heart attack in youngsters, then it can only control with exercise and proper fitness.

Education’s main tool against disease:

Health and fitness education is the main tool against the diseases. Experts analyze that Physical education is very important for the children in school. Lack of sports and study pressure are the main reason for different diseases.

Experts of the Healthcare and Physical Education experts say that 10% of schools are the focus on fitness education in India and these schools focus on the children diet and activities.

Dr. Singal said “Only athletes are the focus on the exercise, other does not focus on it. I don’t know why they do not understand that fitness is important for the very single child or person and this is the only thing which helps you to analyze your child mentally sharpness and performance.”

Senior Pediatrician Dr. Bakul Paresh Said “Fitness is important for a healthy future of children. Schools should focus on Physical education and management check-up the fitness of children. It means children must understand how much fitness is important for him.” India is the largest youth country and India must introduce the Child-fitness program, in this check out the ability of children through different activities.

However, Physical fitness is important for every child, adult or aged. It is the key tool for healthy living. These education facilities provided by the different agencies in the public or private sector and different schools or institutions.

For the betterment of the coming generation, we can take an action and provided fitness for their healthy future. P.E classes must be conducted in every school. Institutions must provide the facility of grounds in which children playing different types games like Jumping, catching etc.

In European schools, P.E classes must for students and necessary for stable attendance. They just give the tips of body moves for healthy growth. These types of movements utilize the body fitness of child and play a vital role in the lives of the kids.

Indian Schools must make a set-up of P.E classes for the beneficial and fine future of Children.

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