Delhi gets free WiFi, broadband under ‘Smart City’ project

On 13 August, Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister launched new Smart City host projects. After some delay, finally, the citizens will able to enjoy high-speed broadband or Wi-Fi in any part of... Read more »

How India Evaluated Technology toward the Fastest Tech Hub?

Today, in India, technology companies have increased its value through creating tech hub resources, increased job, healthcare, and educations, and as a result, the poverty level decreased and all the lifestyle of... Read more »

India get the Licenses from the United States for Dual-Tech

Recently, the Indian Defense Industry get a proper import license for technology or US dual-use items. Through sources, it came to know that these items are only for applicable, also Indian manufacturer... Read more »

In India, Technology is revitalizing through financial market, how?

Technology has empowered the tool of Client Relationship Management (CRM), for providing the high-value service. With the passage of time, the Urban India priorities have changed. It’s about a decade that the... Read more »

Technology toward the US or Indian Trade invitation & strengthen defense

The Navy Hawkeye, US launching the facility of Navy’s shore-based EMALS (Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System). After a complete test, the readies are ready for launch. With the help of joint program of... Read more »

Indian Lynching Causing New WhatsApp messages Features

Connectivity is a blessing as well as a curse. The true depiction of this statement is reflected in India where according to a report around 33 people have lost their lives due... Read more »

Efficient Mobile Apps with Significant Features Required Including In 2018

Efficient Mobile Apps with Significant Features Required Including In 2018 Mobile apps: We all living in the world of Smartphone so, obviously you all make use of the mobile apps. Each mobile... Read more »

Companies have an eye on the technology of E-vehicle batteries

New Delhi: on Tuesday, the process of technology transferring the E-vehicle batteries, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) organized a conference in which almost 137 companies are included, it’s a conference of high... Read more »

12 step-by-step ways to write attractive blog and article post

Blog  is  a  kind  of  online  journal  or  website  displaying  information  about  the  particular  information  in  the  chronological  order. It  is  a  great  platform  for  writers  to  display  their  contents  in  a ... Read more »

8 Ways to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 Audio

Youtube  to  mp3  converter  is  the  one  which  is  generally used  to  convert  the  videos  on  the  youtube  to  convert  them  into  the  mp3  format. The  extracted  videos  from  the  youtube  can ... Read more »