Seven Biggest Current Affairs of July 2018 in India

01. Assam NRC Draft The Supreme Court of India passed an order for prepared a draft only in Assam to NRC (National Register of Citizens), Hence it’s not a basis action against... Read more »

Pay $50 for one night and stay in the Historical castles

Just like Airbnb, a rental sharing site, make things easier for travelers means you can live in a castle or five-star hotel and you will feel like living in a local place,... Read more »

Amazing OMG facts around the place you live in the world

Facts consist of some reality or some evidence that needs to be clarified. Usually, the facts statement includes some verified incidence that needs to be clarified, whether it is based on experience,... Read more »

10 things that government must need to ban in India

It is the history of the Indian government to ban unnecessary thing in Country. But there are some things which are really needed to ban. These things or acts play a negative... Read more »

10 things which you can purchase free of cost in India

India is also called the Republic of India. It is the seventh largest by area and second most populous country of the world. India is located in South Asia. Hinduism is the... Read more »

Are you agreeing with the fact of “friendship at its first sight”?

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. A true friend is always beneficial for you. However, it comes in the studies that fall in friendship at their first meeting is... Read more »

New interesting fact about second born baby of parents

Why the newborn baby turns so differently? Why don’t they look like with their parents? Have you ever observed that a banker who make an easily six-figure salary, but their brother or... Read more »

Ajay Devgn receive the rights of Akshay Kumar film’s title

Bollywood star, Ajay Devgn is a heavyweight on Akshay Kumar. The reason behind this, Akshay Kumar is fully sincere in their work and their dairy is full of projects, sign films and... Read more »

All you need to know the 10 interesting facts about Indian foods

Food is the compulsory aspects of life. Everyone loves to eat, some people prefer spicy food and the other one simple food. Food is something like everyone want to talk. There are... Read more »

Incredible Indian Facts to Know more: in year 2018

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