Amazing OMG facts around the place you live in the world

Facts consist of some reality or some evidence that needs to be clarified. Usually, the facts statement includes some verified incidence that needs to be clarified, whether it is based on experience, some scientific effects or some kind of corresponding events. Most of the time, people are not aware of with the unrealistic facts and evidence. Usually, a test statement is also assumed as an interesting OMG fact. Particularly, the following are the most interesting facts throughout the world:

McDonald’s made a bubblegum:

This is quite an unsurprisingly OMG fact, and most of the people still not aware that the McDonald’s once made a bubblegum in the broccoli flavored. It’s just an attempt to attract children’s toward eating healthy food.

Well, it is also assuming that child can taste something healthier or attract toward tast but this offer is only for some specific time, now if you go to McDonald’s for getting this bubblegum you will never find it.

Fungi can create a zombie’s effects on minds:

Ophiocordyceps is considered as the tropical fungus that directly affects the central nervous system. By the time the fungi are converted as an insect in bodies for about nine days and get the complete over hosted control.

Orange was not an orange at first:

If you ever check the inner side of orange before it turns to orange, then you came to know it is actually green. The OMG oranges facts are in warmer regions like Thailand and Vietnam still stay in green color, this is actually through maturity.

Furthermore, if you check its history you came to know about which come first, the fruit or the color.

One letter doesn’t appear in the name of U.S:

You will find many letters instead of a single Q. You can find Z (Arizona), X (New Mexico) or J (New Jersey) but you never find Q. If you still don’t believe in the fact, must have a look in the U.S state letter.

Beefalo, as a cow-bison:

A cow that is named as the cow-bison hybrid is generally known as the beefalo. Even you can buy its meat, which is available in the 21 state.

So, if you love to eat meat then you need to know its random facts about cooking meat.

The fruit of Johnny Appleseed can’t eat:

In the U.S, real John Chapman planted thousands of apple tree in their soil. Well, yes this fact is true he planted many apples but these are not for eating, it’s just for making apple cider. Meanwhile, these apples are more bitter then you find in the supermarket.

Johnny Appleseed didn’t expect that his apple is specifically for eating.

Checking the phone durability through testing:

Probably, it is a fact, that people are putting their phone in their back pockets, and sometimes it is the reason for trashing. As a result, Samsung is creating the test phone system, so that the phone durability can be shown, it’s like a shaped robot.

This is really realistic OMG facts that Samsung is created a robot that has a specific shape like a butt and the best things you can easily take this, while you wear jeans. So, it doesn’t matter who you take the pressure, this phone can handle it.

Technically, peanuts are not considering as nuts:

Nobody knows about this interesting fact and they are considering peanuts as nuts, but the truth is always coming on the opposite side. These are just the legumes. Meanwhile, according to the Merriam-Webster opinions, a nut is known as nuts, when it is hard-shelled dry seed or fruits, with the interior kernel or shell, whether it is found in the separable shell or rind.

It means, almonds, pistachios, cashews are not included in nuts these are considered as seeds.

Armadillo shell is a bulletproof shell:

It is true that the Armadillo shells have the ability to survive any cuts or bullets.

In Texas, one man is hospitalized because when the bullet shoots the armadillo, the ricocheted off to the animal and then the bullet hit directly to the jaw.

Firefighters used the ability to wet agents:

It is true that the chemical reduced the tension of surface plain water, so it’s quite better to soak or spread into the objects that are the main reason, it is famous by the name of wet water.

Basically, firefighters have to use this, when they fight against the fire because the natural water can reduce the tension of the surface.

189,819 consider as the longest English word:

Have you ever judge about the longest English word, if not then try to spell out 189,891, defiantly, you would be able to do that, it is considered as the longest spell and also taking time when you speak it? However, if you speak loudly, it takes three or half hours.

Medically, running amok is recognized as the mental condition:

In Malaysia, a person is found for running amok, suddenly, committed as a mass attack, after that bargains to the broad.

However, through medically, it is recognized that running amok is the sign of the mental condition.

At one time, Octopuses lays for about 56,000 eggs:

The octopuses mother is devoted for about six months to protected all the eggs and the mother can’t eat the eggs. At the time of birth, the babies are just like the size of grain rice.

Cats only have fewer toes:

On the back of their paws, cats only have few toes, just like most of the four-legged mammals, there are five toes on their front, but in the back, there are only a few toes like four.

It is scientifically proven that four toes that are consisted of their back might be helpful while running faster.

Originally, Kleenex tissue was intended only for gas mask:

During the world war 1, there were using a cotton shortage that is invested by the Kimberly-Clark. It’s quite a flat, cotton substitute, which is specifically for using the gas mask.

Before the scientist perfected the material that is used for gas masker, the world war is ended at that time. After that, the company developed this as softer or quite a smoother rather than facial tissue.

Blue wheel requires for about half million calories:

The blue wheel needs a lot of calories in one day that is 240 times more energy that is calculated as 457,000 calories. It’s like one scoop for the blue wheel.

Store watch in tiny pockets in jeans:

Nobody could evaluate this fact that why the tiny pockets are designed, they think that it is just a random design. Original jeans have only four pockets in which included the tinny one also.

The tiny pockets are generally three two are found in fronts and one for the back.

Turkeys can be blush:

When the turkey is excited or scared their chicks is blush, just like when a male turkey see the female turkey or showing interest, their necks and head turn to brighter red, white or might be blue.

McDonald’s last burger:

Last McDonald’s burger in Iceland was sold for about eight years ago and now still you can see its existence today. However, you can easily catch the glimpse through the webcam stream.

Men can make the deepest noise:

It is scientifically proving that those men who have the deepest voice can easily make the sound that a human can’t hear. The man can’t hear the voice that is founded below the G on the piano, but the elephant can listen to that voice.

It’s like an unspoken OMG fact.

Design of American flag:

This is quite a strange fact that an American flag design was first introduced by the student of high school. Basically, it is a school project of a history class. A student named as Bob Heft got the first price for flag making.

There are total 50 stars, meanwhile, the government sees his flag design and after liking this flag her teacher converts the grade from B to A.

Front teeth of cows:

Cows don’t have its front teeth, they just have molars in the top side, where nobody can expect the upper incisors like sheep, cows, or goat have very thick tissue layer, which is called a dental pad.

Generally, the cow used its bottom teeth for pulling the grass or eating anything.

NASA email their main tool to astronauts:

Just say thanks to 3D printing because through this NASA get the new equipment for the space station, which is generally used for about month ago.

However, the new technology means using that tool which is expectedly ready within hours not in minutes.

The Sahara Desert is considered as only one sandy Desert:

Most of the part is covered by the oases and mountain. The Sahara Desert is famous as the world largest desert because most if its part is covered with sandy.


Bananas grow from upward to downward:

Naturally, bananas grow from upward streams to downward that means their bottom has actually faced the sky.

As soon as they bigger the fruits grow through sun radiations like forming in the distinctive curve.

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