Ajay Devgn receive the rights of Akshay Kumar film’s title

Bollywood star, Ajay Devgn is a heavyweight on Akshay Kumar. The reason behind this, Akshay Kumar is fully sincere in their work and their dairy is full of projects, sign films and project releasing dates, in short, he is too busy in their work. Currently,Akshay Kumar is busy with the shooting of their new film. Most of the time, Akshay Kumar is being lined up in the film or project production, which is based on the movie of Raniganj Coal mine disaster in the year 1989.

According to the report, the actor is showing interest in playing the role of Jaswant Singh Grill, who is the spearheaded of all the operation of rescue. Now, the production house is on the board, just to fund for the purpose of making a film, also, the makers of the film reported that the Akshay Kumar is giving as a title of Capsule Gill.

Meanwhile, the other Bollywood star Ajay Devgn also said that he owns the rights and supposed to play Gill in the same film, which is directed by the Tinu Suresh Desai. However, the fame of Tinu Suresh Desai is as the “Rustom”. The film never takes off while creating a difference between the two actors.

The question arises in many minds that if the Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn give up their basic rights and give the same title as well. Before Akshay Kumar, if he will stick his gun and find the way of the best ball rolling. Well, this can be decided later.

Will Akshay could get the Capsule Gill title?

From the last year, the buzzing news arises that the Akshay Kumar is showing full instant in the Raniganj Coal mine disaster movie, which was released in 1989. Now the news comes that the film is signing with Ajay Devgn because he has full rights.

On the front work, currently Akshay Kumar is busy for their movie shooting that is Houseful 4 and its promotion is also released soon, well come to the discussion of Raniganj Coal mine disaster, who will play the role of Capsule Gill? Meanwhile, this is really a troublesome discussion because the role was still not decided that how is actually playing. While Ajay Devgn is also busy with the movie shooting of Total Dhamal. So, this decision is still pending but can be declared soon.

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