Air Balloons will provide free access of internet in villages of “Uttrakhand”

Free internet ballons will soon provide free Wi-Fi remote access in villages of Uttrakahnd. This Facility will be available in hill state and rural areas in Uttrakhand.

This facility was launched at information technology center in Dehradun on Friday in the presence of Chief Minister of Dehradun Sh. Trivendra Singh Rawat.

Hydrogen Gas is used to lift the balloon which is fitted with camera, a base transceiver antenna to make voice calling and free Wi-fi internet will provide.

Each balloons can also provide wireless broadband internet connectivity powered mainly by solar panels in the sky. In the balloons use antennas WHSI are directional antennas to transmit signals to mobile phone users. Android phone user with Google SIM Cards can use Google internet connectivity services. This whole scheme is based on the Long term Evolution (LTE) Standard for high speed wireless communication for mobile phone users.

The 6 meter long aerostat can float in the air for 14 days. This project led by Director of state’s information Technology development Agency Mr. Amit Sinha.  The aerostat technology was handled by IIT Company in Bombay.

Information Technology Development Agency Director told each aerostat costs Rs 50 Lakh to set up in Dehradun district. This aerostat can provide internet range within 7.5 Km and provide high speed internet data at the speed of 5 Mbps. Anyone can connect with Wi-Fi for free and login without a password. Approximately 680, 16870 villages in the Himalayan state mobile internet connectivity.

Uttrakhand Chief Minister CM Rawat said that this technology will be used In remote rural areas where internet facility are not available.

The CM Rawat said that we developed remote rural villages into digital villages. In Uttrakhand everyone is happy with the CM Rawat’s effort. Cm of Uttrakhand CM Rawat said that more villages will be adding I this free internet scheme.

Another scheme is also launched in Uttrakhand is  “Express Wi-Fi” scheme for free internet connectivity of high speed data of 4G.This facility is launched in India for first time. “Express Wi-Fi” Services are currently used in Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

“Express Wi-Fi” Services will provide mobile date offerings by providing low cost calling facility and high speed Internet facility and online accessing mobile applications at high speed data.

Anyone will be access the Express Wi-Fi network by login Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi retailer and purchasing daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data plans to connect with the internet.

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