According to the report of HDR Ministry India; only 7% of Schools classrooms are repaired

NEW DELHI: The Lok Sabha informed today that 7% of school classrooms in all over India needs to be repaired.

According to the Ministry of State of Human Resource Development Upendra Khusawa, said UDISE (Unified District information system for Education) has 0.67% Schools buildings that are not in good condition (Provisional 2016-2017). According to UDISE, 7.73% of classrooms in schools of India are major need to be repaid.

A New study has found students feel negative about their schools because of the lack of infrastructure. It is the major reason for student’s failure and bad results.

The claim of Kushwaha:

Kushwaha said that HRD Ministry had different issues with unions and territories to securing and safety of children schools in October 2014. In case of an incident, a basic preventive mechanism must be put in schooling system it is the basic requirement but the HDR Ministry fails to provide these facilities in schools.

CBSE affiliation law:

According to CBSE laws before giving affiliation to any institution, the schools must submit their certificate of building saving to the competent authority. NDMA (The National Disaster Management Authority) given a school safety policy guideline in September 2017, in which they defined all safety techniques that were circulated in all union and states. These guidelines provide for safety audits to all school’s management committees also including safety of fire and food.

Lack of Classrooms in India:

The latest report by DISE (The District Information for System in Education) in Karnataka states 10,592 have three classrooms, 14,064 have two classrooms, 2,083 have two classrooms and 164 schools have no classrooms. According to the survey of CRY 71 districts, 13 states and metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi, it is observed that 39% of Primary Schools and 52% of upper schools have no classrooms.

In India, Aam Admi Party faced many problems regarding fewer classrooms in Delhi schools. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Saisodia said If 150 students in classrooms so how the teacher manage all these students? It is impossible to teach 150 students at a time.

We see in many cases because the lack of classrooms students sits on the corridor or outside the classroom or under the tree. In the last decade, a lot of investment made by CSR on government Schools. They put a set-up of multimedia and animated movies to engage the student interest.

Researchers said: “The beautiful school buildings and better infrastructure attract the students to school and students wants to go school and it is the reason for good attendance.” According to a report, there are 8,000 lack of classrooms that are being constructed in government schools in India. Most of the Construction is been completed and some classrooms construction completed soon.

In the end, we can say that in Government schools this is a huge issue. For the betterment of Infrastructure and environment, it is very important to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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