82 Medical Colleges that you should not searched for 2018-19 admission

On the basis of inspections by Health Ministry there are 82 medical collages that have been critically looked out numerous “problems”.

For the new study batch 2018-19, Health Ministry after discussing with Medical Council of India (MCI) announced that 82 medical colleges in India are barred to admit students in their collage.

After inspecting the various medical collages, Medical council has decided to ban the admission of new batch because of several conditions that are not good for students. There are various causes (such as infrastructure, faculty and resources) in these collages based on which Medical council take this discusses.

A government officer said that there is a lack of facilities, not sufficient infrastructure, less educated faculty and other resources for students.

The order of banned Eighty-Two medical colleges which incorporate 12 government and 70 private collages, implies that out of 64 thousands available MBBS seats 10 thousands are blocked.

This is a bad new for the medical student that proposal for 68 new medical colleges together with 31 government and 37 private, has also been abandoned.

In February 2018, the Union cabinet had permitted policy to establish 24 new government-funded medical colleges by 2021-22, in addition 58 others medical colleges that were to be set up and attached to district hospitals by 2019.

This is said by Dr. Ashwini Kumar a Union minister of state for health and family welfare in Delhi meeting held on Monday. Senior health department of Bihar, as well as its principal secretary Sanjay Kumar, attended urgent meeting for purpose.

Apart from this there are some collages which have allotted more seats compare to past year. List of these collages are given below:

Patna Medical College and Shri Krishna Medical College Muzaffarpur both will have 50 or more seats while Darbhanga Medical College has been allotted 10 extra seats. The center has also agreed MCH course at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences.

As per the Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines, with the staff shortage, Health minister Vardhman Institute of Medical Sciences at Pawapuri would not get any more seats. The government has also asked the state to promote a proposal checking the place to establish a new All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Colleges denied permission to admit students in 2018-19

  • Private – 12
  • Government – 70
  • Total number of blocked Seats – 10,430

Proposals for new colleges refused

  • Private – 31
  • Government – 37
  • Total number of blocked Seats – 9,000

Colleges refused seat increase

  • Private – 4
  • Government – 5
  • Total number of blocked Seats – 650

As the result of NEET already declares students are already worried about their future. This new put more burdens on them. Government should take a action to re-open that collages by providing more facilities.

Medical Students also not put so much stress on their mind as every problem has solution.

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