10 useful things to know before planning a trip to Dubai

Dubai is really one of the most visited destinations in the world. It is not one like those other European cities are. This is a place which is highly modernized and westernized. Whether we take an example of the world’s tallest tower that is ‘Burj Khalifa’ or talk about the world’s busiest airport, Dubai is always on the top.

Although there are accolades of the city, there are still many things which are untouched by the common people. Dubai is special in many senses. The place is not only modern but also futuristic at the same time. If you are having any thought of having a trip to the splendiferous place, you must aware of a few things before booking your tickets and packing for the holidays –

  1. What you should include and exclude for packing

Dubai is a Muslim city as UAE is an Islamic nation. So, there are some Muslim laws are applicable based on Sharia board. Here are some rules regarding the dressing sense of people. Both the genders should follow their individual dressing laws.

The one common rule for men and women both is that they must cover their knees and shoulders. Avoid the body-hugging clothes. On the other hand, you can wear any liberal dress or attire while you are in any international and private zones. These are perfectly acceptable. You can even enjoy the beach wears and the bikinis too, at the time of lounging in the sun. But there are prohibited in other public areas. Whether males or females, they are expected to dressing modestly in public areas like airports, malls, and cafes etc.

  1. Be conscious about the culture

Apart from the skyscrapers and stereotypes, Dubai serves a heritage culture. Women and men must keep a safe distance from each other as the touch is strictly prohibited here. Irrespective to their marital status, even a couple is expected to keep distance in public from one and other.

Touching, kissing and hugging in public can even show you the way to imprisonment in Dubai. A couple got arrested by the police while they were having sex in public. Therefore, you must be very careful about how to behave in your Dubai trip.

  1. What about alcohol

Do you have any confusion that Dubai is a dry place? It’s not. The alcohols are available in licensed bars that are further attached to the restaurants. You must be very careful while taking a glass in Dubai. You can raise the glass but with full consciousness. Your sparing behavior will be great here.

Avoid making any hue and cry scene in the bars there. This can even lead to you to the prison. The legal drinking age of Dubai is 21, as the city is strict for identifications as well.

  1. Restaurant etiquettes

There will be no in the prompt to service of restaurants for their customers. In case you are thinking of having lunch in any restaurant, you must book your table in advance. If you just simply visit the place an order for food, there will be a strict no for you.

Any up-market restaurant in Dubai will not serve you the food. This makes the outsiders very confusing. You must keep in mind before proceeding for the trip to the city.

  1. The study of the heritage

If you are thinking Dubai for only its skyscrapers, incredible attractions, and shopping, you really can’t understand the city. Before proceeding for the trip here, try to take a study of its heritage culture. You must aware of the fact that is much more than the glitz of the city.

Dubai is indeed far away from your imaginations that you perceived till then before visiting the place. Having an overview of this, will highly helpful for you to understand Dubai. The city has its own dhow-shaped Dubai Opera; you can enjoy the traditional dance performances there. Alserkal Avenue is a place to visit for the contemporary art scene. Other than these, Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum and the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding will serve you the detailed information about the Emirati culture.

  1. The best destination for foodies

Dubai is indeed a hub for foodies. Although there are a number of restaurants that are located in the city, there are many street and local foods are also available. Dubai is not always about those luxurious restaurants. Dubai is actually the seat of molecular gastronomy, whether it is about the traditional Emirati cuisine or about the fine French dining.

  1. The prayer call

Dubai is an Islamic city and as per the religion, the city caters the provision of five times prayer in a day. Therefore, you can hear the call or bell originated by the mosque in almost anywhere in the city. As the mosques are connected with the wires and they produce the call for their prayers. You may hear the voice even at night too. It is indeed very common in the city. This somehow depends upon how close you are with any mosque.

  1. Tip system of Dubai

Tipping is not mandatory in Dubai. Unlike the USA where you need to give tip for sure, Dubai’s tipping system is whole-sole depends upon you only. You have full freedom about whether to tip or not as per the quality of the service you have catered with. Since there is a random guideline to precede the same –

Waters are expected for tip amount of 10-15% of total bill amount while the taxi drivers for 5% of the total service. Apart from this, the bellboy, valet services and food deliveries are expected to tip for AED 5 to 10. Contrary to this, the spa and beauty are served with AED 5-20 or depending upon the bill.

  1. The Taxi system

Although the prices system of Dubai is almost similar to the USA trend, still the taxis are cheap. There is one more transport option available in Dubai that is the metro. Metros are great ones and comparatively cheap too. But the stations are a great mess and inconvenient. Therefore, the taxi is the best as there are endless taxies on the way. The great number of taxies serves you in just a few minutes while you are waiting for a ride.

  1. The splendid nightlife of Dubai

There is no such main strip or nightlife hub in Dubai but in case you are planning for a night out, you need to know this. The city has various choices of stylish clubs and bars so that you’ll never get around them all. They lavish bars are licensed and located with the restaurants. So there is more chance of enjoying the nightlife in Dubai actually in the lobby of your classy hotel or on the top of any skyscraper.

Having a trip to Dubai will be a great addition for you to your joy of life. The city is safer than any. It is convenient to travel in a taxi even in the night. The street crimes are really rare in the city. There are many things that you can buy and remind the trip after reaching home. Dubai is going to be your favorite travel destination.

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