10 things which you can purchase free of cost in India

India is also called the Republic of India. It is the seventh largest by area and second most populous country of the world. India is located in South Asia. Hinduism is the biggest religion in India. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan are the neighbor countries of India. Tourists all over the world visit India. Here are few things you can enjoy in India free of cost

1. Visit Free Monuments and Attractions:

Some of the famous monuments are free to visit.

Like Gateway of Mumbai, Dhobi Ghat, Howrah Bridge the busiest bridge of the world, Fort William, and Shahid Minar etc.

2. Relax on the Beach:

 If you want some relaxation and If you are tired of traveling so must visit the beach of India. You can Visit the Beaches of Goa, Gorkana, and Varkala.

Marari Beach in Karnataka is also its a famous point for relaxation.

3. Window Shop at a Market:

 The Markets in India are also very attractive. You can visit and enjoy the atmosphere and you are not bound to buy things.

Best Markets for Visits are Chandni Chowk in Delhi the largest Asia’s Market, Old Market and Chinatown in Kolkata, Johari Bazar in Jaipur and Chor Bazar in Mumbai etc.

4. Go for a Nature Walk:

There are many enjoyable gardens in India which are free of cost. In Mumbai Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Garden are free for the public.

India’s mountains and hill stations are also very effective point for the tourists.

5. Marvel at the Architecture:

Past empires and rulers are found in many places of India.

You can visit grand colonial Architecture, Prince of Wales Museum, Victoria Terminus railway road station, Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan and many more.

6. Check Out the Nightlife:

Many bars in India cities have lady’s nights during the week. So if you are a female then you are lucky and you can fun in these bars.

You can find these bars through local entertainment guides.

7. Learn About Indian History:

Mahatma Gandhi is called as “Father of Nation” in India. His efforts facilitating the country for the freedom from British.

You can visit The Gandhi Memorial Museum, The Gandhi Smriti where Gandhi assassinated and many more historical places.

8. Admire Indian Art:

Kolkata is the capital of India. Art enthusiasts find Academy of Fine arts in Cathedral Road absorbing. It is the oldest art gallery in India. Mumbai has an art precinct called Kala Godha (Black Horse).

There are many other Art galleries in India like Jehangir Art Gallery, Juneja Art Gallery, Delhi Art Gallery etc.

9. Visit a Temple:

Indian temples are very attractive in construction. India is famous for their beautiful temples.

You can visit the most famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, Jama Masjid Mosque Delhi, Haji Ali Mosque, Taj Mahal Agra etc.

10. Festivals:

Because of the cultural and spiritual country, there are many festivals you can enjoy free in India. You can play with fire in Diwali. You can play with colors and water in Holi.

As well as you can also see the 50,000 camel’s festival in the small desert of Pushkar.

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