10 things that government must need to ban in India

It is the history of the Indian government to ban unnecessary thing in Country. But there are some things which are really needed to ban. These things or acts play a negative role in society. Now we are discussing the various things which should be ban in India immediately.

01- Ban Littering:

Through garbage on the roads are the biggest issue in India. It is against the norms and ethics. It is the major problem in Urban areas.

It is true that there is no proper disposal system for garbage in India and the government fails to perform their duty.

02- Ban Public Urination:

Lack of toilets in India Public urination is also the crucial problem. Peeing on roads, trees and on the wall are common in various areas. It is the reason for various diseases.

The government must take an action against this act and punish them. Because Despite many campaigns people did not stop it.

03- Ban Moral Policing:

India is the religious country but sometimes people do unethical acts on the roads and gardens. While kissing or hug each other on the roads is against the morals of the country.

Feminist took a major role to destroy the norms of the country. Many Campaigns rises their voice against these acts. It is the main reason for Rape and stalking that women forgot how to wear, how to walk on the roads.

04- Ban Honking:

I cannot understand why people are too much in hurry. Honking is the issue of noise pollution. Sometime when the traffic is badly jam and people start honking, I don’t know why they do that because the next car also suffers from the same thing.

In Beijing and California honking is considered illegal. We look at our state Sikkim where honking is actually banned.

05- Ban Animal Cruelty:

Killing and torture animals are common in our country. People torturing animals and enjoy it. It is the ridiculous act. According to the act of 1960 The Prevention to cruelty on animals, If a person kills or torture any animal he must be paying the fine of Rs 10 to 50.

If the person doing the same act again then he paying the fine of Rs 25 to 100. We should put our efforts and raise the voice against animal cruelty.

06- Ban Regressive TV shows:

Many of Indian TV shows are very hit and progressive but some of the shows impact negatively on people.

Like 10 years old boy marriage with 18 years old girl, Saas-Bahu TV shows and stereotype TV shows plays a negative role in Society.

07- Ban Donations in Schools and Colleges:

According to Right to Education Act Section 12(2), no school or person shall be admitting a child collect any capitation fee and subject the child or his parents or his guardian to any screening procedure. Admitting our child with the help of donation is punishable.

It is called a Bribe and it should be ban.

08- Ban Section 377:

According to Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code Homosexuality is a crime. I think the government should not interfere in public personal life and did not disturb the privacy of a man.

The government should do away this law because it is for the betterment of Modern India. 

09- Ban Godmen:

Godmen should be ban in India and they have no right to play with the faith of the public. With Government and public support, they become popular.

Asaram Bahu and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh self-proclaimed godmen become very popular they manipulate the mind of the people.

10- Tendency to ban stuff at the drop of the hat:

We can see in the last few years’ government ban the irrelevant things which are not need to ban. They should focus on the real enemies and evil of the society and ban them.

So there many things which are not a big deal or issue and government ban them.


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