10 Best Restaurants in Mumbai to have a lit Winter Season

Winter has arrived. The weather is suitable for going out with your family and friends in Mumbai. Mumbai is known for its glamour, urban lifestyle, amazing nightlife and fun. The cuisine here is very popular and is a blend of multi-cultures. Food festivals are organized in Mumbai every year and attract a lot of tourists all over the world. The restaurants are here are a bit on the expensive side but offer quality and delicious delights that will make your mouth watery. So here are the 10 best restaurants you should definitely give a try in Mumbai.

  1. India Jones

India Jones is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It has cuisines from all over the world. They offer Thai food, Japanese food, Mexican food, and many more delightful cuisines. It has an eye-catching and a very attractive décor. The ambiance is perfect for a business lunch. The stuff is well cultured and polite. Plus the menu is reasonably priced for such a varied cuisine.

Address- Lower Lobby, Trident Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai

  1. Leopold Café

Leopold Café is a favorite among the locals and the tourists. It is generally crowded but the atmosphere makes up for it. The restaurant serves various types of dishes such as Chinese, Tandoori as well as Irani. It is a great place to hang out with friends and give them a delightful treat. This is an awesome palce. Plus, with a sort of informal feel to it, it can easily double down as a place to hang out.  Do visit here and enjoy the food.

Address- Calaba Causeway, SBS Road, Calabia, Mumbai

  1. Olive Bar and kitchen

This is a very well known restaurant in Mumbai. Many Bollywood celebs visit here. The design and outlook of the restaurant is amazing. It is pretty eye-catchy. The ambience of this place is lovely. Majority of the cuisine here is Mediterranean. The quality of the food is easily noticeable here which makes it unique and more trustworthy. You should definitely try the shawarma which is yummy, the pasta is also very popular here. Seats are there in the terrace as well and ideal for enjoying winters. The only drawback is the pricey menu. But then again, this is to be expected. A place which is a haunt of many Bollywood A listers is not going to be cheap. It will cost a pretty penny. On the plus side, there is always the possibility of running into your favourite celebrity. So, for an extra buck or two, you have the chance of getting an autograph of your favourite celebrity. Not a bad deal if you ask us

Address- 14, Union Park, Pali Hill Tourist Hotel, Khar West, Mumbai

  1. Golden Dragon

Want to have some Szehuan food? Look no far than the Golden Dragon Restaurant. It is a top class Chinese restaurant located at the Taj Mahal Palace. It offers the famous Chinese dishes. The décor is Royal and this place has some world-class chefs. You can have almost an endless variety of Oriental food here. This restaurant has become quite a major attraction since the Taj was reopened after the 26/11 attacks. And with the passage of time, the reputation of this place has only grown. The only drawback, once again, is the price range. Something that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the location and the quality.

Address- Lobby Level, Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba, Mumbai

  1. Mani’s Lunch Home

If you want to eat some simple dishes with a taste like home cooked food, do visit Mani’s Lunch Home in Mumbai. This restaurant is very popular. It serves South Indian food which is known for its taste and simplicity. The food is served in a traditional style and you get a true Indian meal here. The hospitality is excellent and the prices are cheap. The service offered by the staff is top-notch. So if you are someone who is looking for a place to have some light meal, look no further. Also, the food is quite reasonably priced. So fret not. You can have your fill without burning a hole in your pocket.

Address- 53-C, Mahskar building, Matunga, East Mumbai

  1. Rahmaniya

Rahmaniya serves amazing Mughlai food. From biryani to Mughlai parantha, this place has all the Mughal delights. The chicken here is pretty delicious. The food is very tasty. Don’t forget to try rumali roti with mutton curry. It is quite frankly exquisite. A trip to this place will undoubtedly satiate all your taste buds. So look no further and dive straight in.

Address- Kamal Mansion, Bhaskarrao Kargutkar Road, Colaba, Mumbai-400005

  1. Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn serves the best Italian food in Mumbai. This restaurant is known for its pasta, fries, macaroni etc. It has a lovely ambience with pleasant atmosphere. The ingredients they put are very fresh. It is a nice place to hang out and have some snacks. The main issue is the lack of a “real meal”. So it’s not the perfect place for a business lunch or a dinner date.

Address- Woodhouse Road, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai

  1. Jugheads

It is located at the Khar region of Mumbai. It is known for its Continental food. It is a pub and people can hang out here with friends. It opens till midnight and even after sometime. The ambience of this place is very nice. There are a variety of drinks that are served here. It is a very relaxing place.

Address- Junction of 1st and 4th Road, Mishra House, opposite Khar Market, Khar west, Mumbai

  1. 3 Wise Monkeys

If you are looking for having a great evening with snacks and drinks, look no further than 3 Wise Monkeys Restaurant. The name of this place is catchy and depicts the amount of fun you are going to have in here. The place is affordable and serves delicious food with drinks. The place is very relaxing and provides you with a feel good factor. Prawns, Chickens, pizzas and variety old are the most popular dishes here. Your mental tiredness will be completely removed once you visit here.

Address- Ground Floor, The Unicontinental. 3rd Floor, 10 A, Rajkutir, Khar West, Mumbai

  1. Indigo

Indigo is an awesome restaurant. It has received many awards for its excellence. It serves variety of Asian and European cuisines. The detailing and décor of this restaurant is outstanding. At the ground level, the Shiva blue pond is mesmerizing. The wines offered here are of top quality. The dining experience of this place is a memorable one. Do visit here.

Address- Clifton Trishool Housing Soceity off Link Road, Oshiwara Village, Andheri West, Mumbai

So here were the best restaurants in Mumbai that you should visit. Mumbai has so many awesome restaurants that it was definitely a huge task to pick the best ten restaurants here. The places we have mentioned are top notch in terms of food, ambience and quality. We have also provided the address so you could easily plan for it. The only varying factors are the prices. They are subject to change without prior notice. So if you plan on going to any of these places, carry a little extra. Don’t want an embarrassing scene now, do we?

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